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Curriculum at St Mary's

 Curriculum at St Mary's

As part of the Plymouth CAST Trust our aim is:

  • That we have the highest standards of academic achievement at St Mary’s, so that our young people leave us as ‘agents of change’ – educated and caring people who have the qualifications, knowledge and skills they need to flourish as human beings and make the world a better place

  • Inspired by our Teacher, Jesus Christ, and his good news to the poor, we have a commitment especially to those who are disadvantaged. 

  • We are determined that a child’s start in life need not determine their future. We are committed to the well-being of the earth, our common home, inspired by the example of Pope Francis: to live wisely, think deeply and love generously.




At St Mary’s

All our actions  have the Gospel Values and Virtues at the centre of everything we do. We celebrate our St Mary's Citizens & Branches of Love pupils.



We believe in 

Positivity and Respect -  for all members of our school family 

We strive for excellence to help all children

“Be the best they can be”



Modelling Positive Behaviours  - Everyone’s Responsibility


At St Mary’s we strive for excellence and use one of Rosenshine’s key principles to ensure all our children are in a just right state for learning.



Our Curriculum -  Our aim is for our children to develop a love for learning which will help them be future leaders of tomorrow!

  •  We ensure that every child  learns in a safe place where they are respected and valued and have opportunities to fulfil their God given potential.

  • We live by the motto; Work hard/ Play hard/Pray hard

  • At St Mary’s all learning is embedded in the Gospel values and Characteristics of effective learning.

  • Our learning journey begins at the heart of our family, learning and experiencing our school family, our Parish family and reaching out to our local Dorchester environment.

  • We become detectives and find out about all walks of life through time periods in  the Jurassic Coast, Dinosaurs,  Romans and Celts,  Smugglers, Paleontologists and how they have shaped the environment in which we live today.

  • As Eco - Warriors and Green flag holders  we continue to think about how we can protect our local, national and world environment starting in our school grounds.

  • Children learn where they are in the world, during their time at  St Mary’s they can locate  Great Britain on a map and other countries of our families heritage, they  investigate and explore key events through time and how events have impacted human life in today’s world.

  • We are a fully inclusive school and support, nurture and develop the needs of all pupils.

  • Our staff team strives to provide engaging, challenging learning opportunities in the classroom and through Forest schools to achieve high quality outcomes.

  • Our pedagogy is steeped in the principles of Rosenshine, we know our children learn best through modelling; chunking and revisiting learning. Children can recall learning to support new learning as they progress through the school

  • Subject leaders have ensured a clear progression of knowledge across Curriculum areas; we have Knowledge Organisers for children to use in their learning at school and Parent Organisers to inform and support at home.

  • Pupil voice is valued and given priority we strongly encourage all our pupils to ask questions to deepen their understanding and knowledge.

St Mary's Entitlement  by the age of 9

1. To learn in a safe and stimulating environment.

2. To have respect for all members of our community and celebrate diversity.

3. To have a reading age of their chronological age and above

4. To have met an author and illustrator

5. To have performed in front of an audience

6. To have reached their age expectation and beyond for writing 

7. To have taken part and be celebrated for entering a writing competition

8. To have reached their age expectation and beyond in maths

9. To be able to solve mathematical problems relating to life skills, time, money and measurement

10. To be able to learn to play a musical instrument

11. To be able to ride a bike and have had the opportunity to complete cycling proficiency

12. To have a picnic at a Roman theatre site

13. To have visited a farm in our local area

14. To have visited a beach in our local area 

15. To have gone fossil hunting in out local area

16. To have participated in Sporting events within our local schools and beyond

17. To have had a theatre experience

18. To have had the opportunity to cook a basic meal

19. To have learnt CPR

20. To have supported those in need in out local communities and beyond

What the children enjoy learning at St Mary's