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ReadWriteInc/Phonics - video sessions

Please watch this small introduction for the up and coming ReadWriteInc/phonics sessions. I will be setting daily tasks linked to these sessions and would love to receive photos of the work that your children have been doing. My email address is jhunns@stmarysdorchester.dorset.sch.uk.
Set 1 and 2 Speed sounds
Please feel free to pause any of the videos if I go too fast or you want to revisit something.
Sound of the day
I have set a challenge at the end of the video asking for the children to write igh words (the same or any different words to the ones we did) using colouring pens, chalk or magic paint (water and a paint brush) I'd love to see any of the work they did so please feel free to email a photo to me.
Thanks and take care
ReadWriteInc books Part 1
Hope this helps when you are reading with you child!
ReadWriteInc books part 2
Green and red words game
Sound of the day
Hi, I hope I find you all well. I have set a challenge today around my naughty teddy Bertie Bear. I would love the children to take their teddy and choose words with set 2 sounds in or find items that their teddys like and write them down. I would love to see a picture of your child with their teddy and their work!
The reminder of the set 2 sounds 'ay' 'igh' 'ee' 'ow' 'oo' 'oo' 'ar' 'or' 'air' 'ir' 'ou' 'oy
Sound of the day part1 and 2

The challenge of the day is to write silly sentences, here are some to get you started and then see if you or your child can come up with any!

  • The horse looks at a book
  • I fell asleep on the moon
  • My frog jumps in a pool of jelly
  • I saw food on a spoon at the zoo
  • The bright star is green
  • The chair up stairs is full of dirt

Hope this helps and enjoy!

Beat the clock speed sounds
Here's a game that William and I have been playing which I thought you may enjoy over the weekend!
Sound of the day part 1, 2 and 3
Super sonic phonics session today, enjoy dressing up and enjoying writing words using phonics!!
Sound of the day part 1 and 2 
cup of tea
I have set a challenge at the end of the video to try and write a list of 'ee' words and 'ea' words.
Good luck! 
Sound of the day part 1 and 2
spoil the boy
Hi everyone, I have set a challenge today which is the same as the one previously, to find words with the 'oy' and 'oi' sounds in it. I didn't mention in the video that most words with the 'oy' sound come at the end of a word whereas most words with the 'oi' sound tends to be on the middle of a word, so they have a sound either side of it. I hope this will help your child to identify the correct sounds in words.
For your information
Hello! I have attached a link below, it will take you to a you tube page with my sound of the day video on. Each day I will attach a link to watch as before.
I hope you are all well and enjoy the videos!
Sound of the day
nice smile
I have set a challenge to split the a page and write 'igh' sounds and 'i-e' sounds. As an additional challenge the children could start to make posters of the sounds they have learnt, it is a fun way for them to look back on the sounds while they are learning at home
Sound of the day
phone home
I have asked the children to carry on making posters of the different sounds, to use chalk or felt tips to write words with the o-e sound and to split a page in to 2 and look at words with the o-e sound and the ow sound.
As always I would love to see your work! 
Sound of the day
huge brute
I have set a challenge today of putting sound buttons on words. If a list of words could be written down for your child with sounds in from set 2 and 3 (so far) and then ask your child to put the sound buttons on and read the word to you. It helps them to recognise the sounds they have learnt in a different context and will also help them to unpick the sounds so they can read the word.
Sound of the day
yawn at dawn
Some activities that your child could do are; to split a page in 2 and look at words with the 'aw' sound and the 'or' sound. Carry on with your sound posters. Write some silly sentences using all the sounds we've already learnt. Please above all have lots of fun!!!!
Sound of the day
care and share
I have asked the children to divide their page in two and look at words with the 'air' sound and 'are' sound in. They can write some silly sentences with these sounds in or previous sound, maybe you could give them silly sentences to write or write them a sentence and ask them to put sound buttons on and read them to you. They can also continue with their sound posters.
Sound of the day
nurse with a purse
Please see the 'are' activities and try  them with the sounds 'ur and 'ir'
Sound of the day
better letter
The activities I have set for todays sound are for the children to split their page into 3 and find words with the 'ir', 'ur' and er sounds in and write them down, you could write a list and ask them to put sound buttons on and read them to you . They could also continue with a their posters.
Sound of the day
brown cow
Hello! the activities I've suggested for today are to split a page into 2 and write words with the 'ou' and 'ow' sounds. You could write some words with the set 2 and 3 sounds in and ask the children to put sound buttons on and read it back to you. Also they can continue with the sound posters and just have fun with the sounds.
Sound of the day
snail in the rain
I have asked for the children to split their page in 3 and write words with the 'ay', 'a-e' and 'ai' sounds in or you could write some words down and ask your child to put sound buttons on and read them to you. Your child can also continue with their poster.
Sound of the day
goat in a boat
Sound of the day
chew the stew
Activities that your children could do is to split their page into 3 and look at the different words with the sounds 'oo', 'u-e' and 'ew' in. You could write some words with set 2 and 3 sounds in, your child can then put on the sound buttons and read them back to you. Also they could continue with their sound posters!
Sound of the day
fire fire
The activities you could try today are to try and think of any other words with the ire sound in. Revisit all the sounds in set 2 and 3 and just keep reading and writing words with different sounds in. If you have picked up on a sound that your child is unsure of, please look at it again, it will get easier each time your child visits it.
Sound of the day
hear with your ear
The sounds are beginning to get a little harder now so just keep practicing them and a poster is the perfect way to work on the sound without even realising!! Just keep revisiting all the sounds especially the ones that your child finds difficult.
Sound of the day
sure it's pure
Just keep revisiting all the set 2 and 3 sounds. 'ure' is a difficult sound to get used to, so practise, practise, practise!
Sound of the day
pay attention it's a celebration
As before, this sound is difficult to get used to. Maybe you child could do a phonics lesson for you and then they'll be revisiting it through role play without even knowing!
Sound of the day
scrumptious delicious
Try and write some sentences with this sound in and practise, practise, practise!!!
Sound of the day
he, we, me, she, be
A sound hunt with Bertie Bear
Sound of the day
Eve and Steve meet Pete 
Sound of the day
a photo on the phone
Sound of the day
the glue was blue
Try and split the your page into 4 and look at all the words with the oo, u-e, ew and ue sound in. Try some silly sentences and a favourite for Will and I ,is for Will to be the teacher and to teach me a phonics session using any sound he chooses!!
Sound of the day
the knight knocks on the door
Please continue to practise the set 3 sounds. Bingo is a great way of revising them or ask you child to be the teacher and teach you a sound. They could make their own sound cards and use words they want to teach you!
Sound of the day
the white whale whispers
Keep practising set 3 sounds. You can split a page in to 2 and write words with the 'w' sound and the 'wh' sound but mainly have fun! If you child shows that they are uncertain of a particular sound, please revisit it.
Sound of the day
the fly is in the sky
Try some silly sentences, make up your own rhymes with sounds that you have learnt and look at words with the 'igh', 'i-e' and  'y' sounds in.
Sound of the day
Mrs Gannon has done the sound today, please watch the video for the activity that comes with it.
Sound of the day
the tie is on the pie
Split the page into four and look at the words that have the 'igh', i-e, 'y', and 'ie' sounds in them. You could also write some silly sentences using as many of those words as possible!! 
Sound of the day
the doe hurt her toe
Try and split your page into 4 and look at words with the 'ow', 'o-e', 'oa' and 'oe' sounds in. You could start to make your own sound cards, can you make up your own saying to go with the sound? Keep practising the sounds you have learnt! 
Red words part 1
Today is a video that is starting to learn the red words that your child may come across when reading and writing. They are words that will usually not sound like how they are spelt! At the end of the video there is a chance for your child to pause and look over the words that we cover in part 1. They can then use it to either read or write them.
Red words part 2
I have shown some more red words today. If you could ask you child to read them off my board (both part 1 and 2) to check if they know the words. If they have to sound them out or struggle with the word they may need to revisit it by watching it on the video again. Keep practising, you are doing a great job!
Speed sounds
Please watch your child doing the speed sounds today
Today I have done a speed sound session. It is a chance for your child to revisit all the sounds they have learnt but also for you to check if there are any sounds that your child may not be very confident about. If they do struggle with certain sounds, please revisit it by watching the relevant previous video. At school your child would visit the sounds everyday so this is a routine activity for them. The next activity that I will start, is applying the sounds and words that your child has learnt into sentences so they need to be confident.
I hope you enjoy! 
Sentence writing 1
Please remember to have a pen or pencil and paper or whiteboard ready before you start the video.
For the next few weeks we are going to write some sentences, this is a great skill to have after learning the sounds. If I go to fast or your child is unsure what I have said please pause or rewind the video where appropriate. 
This is really exciting next step so I hope your child enjoys it!
Sentence writing 2
I hope you enjoyed sentence writing 1?
I have focussed on 2 new sounds today and there are 4 sentences and one challenge sentence. Please pause the video if your child need any more time during this activity.
Sentence writing 3
During this session please keep pausing it if your child struggles to keep up and needs more time or if they need to edit their work.
Sentence writing 4
Please remember to have you pen and paper ready when you start the session.
Sentence writing 5 
ore - explore the shore - phonics video
roar, roar!
The bear loves pears
Pour the water