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Parents comments about St Mary's School - our community & religious education

St Mary's School is passionate about the local community & our religious education. We engage with various groups within the community & communicate & engage regularly with our children's families. 
We ensure the children gain from working with those in the community, such as, Culliford House residential home, the United Church, Holy Trinity Church & other local schools. The children also receive a wide ranging religious education.
We ran a parent survey on our school community & religious education and here are some of the parent's comments.
St Mary's worked hard to provide good home learning during lockdown so that children & parents were able to engage well, learn the key elements of the curriculum, engage with teachers via live online lessons & enjoy their learning.
Here are some of the parents comments from a questionnaire on how the home learning was received.
At St Mary's we were keen to welcome the children back in a safe, caring & fun way after lockdown. 
Here are some of the comments from a parent questionnaire on how the welcome back was received.