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Statement of Intent

Our Statement of Intent
At St Mary’s Catholic First School we aim:
To develop the whole person, spiritually, intellectually and physically. 
To help them, within the framework of the Catholic ethos of the school, to grow in their love of God and to experience and witness to their faith in their daily lives. 
To encourage recognition and respect for the cultural and religious principles of others. 
To grow in:
i. self-responsibility
ii. respect for self and others
iii. a capacity to co-operate with others.
iv. a sense of justice
v. independent thought and learning
vi. enjoyment of and satisfaction from work
vii. good manners
viii. a concern for high standards
ix. respect for the world around them 
To develop their skills of numeracy and literacy which act as the foundation for learning across the curriculum. 
To build upon their natural curiosity about the world in which they live, and to focus and sharpen that curiosity by appropriate and stimulating experience in all areas of the curriculum. 
To always strive to do their best