March 2023


Week 13th-17th March 2023


We have had a really busy week with lots going on . The highlight of the week has been a visit from SCARF (Coram Life Education). We learnt all about our bodies and eating healthy food choice to keep our bodies fit and strong. 


We have started counting and using numbers up to 50 in Maths and have been practising writing our numbers trying to get them all the correct way round. 


In Science we have been learning about the weather in Spring and have noticed that it snowed last week in some places in the UK, which confused us a lot. Mrs MacGregor talked about the water cycle and how rain is formed, she showed us using shaving foam and a jar!!



Week 6th-10th March 2023


The beginning of this week has started with the promise of snow…everyone is super excited!



We have also begun our DT project - making kites that fly. We are investigating materials that would make a great flying kite and thinking about the best way to build a kite that flies.



We are also looking forward to the Art and Dance exhibition later in the week so we can show off our amazing work! 


We have also been learning about the offertory procession in RE and have done some acting to accompany our learning.