February 2023

Week 27th February - 3rd March
This week we have been getting to grips with properties of 3D shapes, counting faces, edges and vertices. We carried out investigations with 3D shapes.
We have started a new Write Stuff text - a different version of Little Red Riding Hood. We have been sentence stacking and we enjoyed reading for pleasure in our Experience lesson.
Week 20th-24th February 2023
We have had a great first week back after half term. On Monday we had a visit from the police. We saw their vehicles, watched a dog handler and tried on their helmets. It was fantastic and the children loved it!
We have been learning about shapes in Maths and improving our independent writing skills in English. We really enjoyed writing our own stories.
Week 6th-9th February 2023
We have had a great week. We have been measuring in maths in centimetres and metres. We measured objects in our classroom and then used a metre wheel to measure the length of the hall!
In science we completed an investigation to find out what material would be the most suitable for Elastigirl's costume. We enjoyed finding the right material that would stretch and bend with Elastigirl's super-stretchy limbs, that was strong, but not translucent. We also tested it to see if it was waterproof!