Blog January 2019

Week 7th-11th January 2019
It’s been great to back into the swing of things in Y4 this week. We have tackled Roman Numerals in maths with super success and we have started our smugglers topic by looking at the old Dorset dialect.
In science we have been looking at how sounds are made. Homework involves the 8x table and words starting with gu- where the u is silent like guitar and guide.
Week 21-25 January 2019
We have been learning about fractions this week - we have been adding them, finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. We have also been making our own fraction wall to see how two eighths is equivalent to one quarter.

In literacy we have been planning our smuggler stories. We have all planned out our story maps, boxed up our paragraphs and this week we are writing using powerful descriptions and a range of pronouns.

We have had Miss Trevorrow visit us to teach us some songs from musicals and movies. This is in preparation for the DASP Y4 concert in March.