Blog September 2020

7th-11th September 2020
I have been incredibly impressed with Year 3 and how they have started such a different year. They are all superstars! 
This week we have been looking at the traditional tale of the three little pigs - we have looked at the wolf's point of view and thought about whether he was treated fairly in the original story.
In our maths lessons we have been looking at numbers and partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units. Some of us have even worked on the chilli challenge and explored thousands!
We have also been lucky to have a forest schools session where we used natural resources to build a house in the style of the three little pigs and thought about how we could create something that would be safe from any intruders. 
14th-18th September 2020
This week Year 3 have been  working hard in all of their lessons.
In Science we have been looking at the protein, carbohydrates and fats that we need in our diet to stay healthy.
In our history lesson we looked at a timeline for the Romans. We studied how different things happened during the Roman rule and the impact these had on how powerful the Romans were. We discussed how complicated the timeline was and what the words BC and AD mean. 
In our Literacy lessons we have been looking at the story 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. We have explored places we feel safe and began creating poems for this place to describe how they make us feel.