February 2019

Week 4th-8th February 2019
This week Year 3 are busy looking at instructions for catching a dragon. We have written a text map to help us and a plan so we know what to write about. We are very excited as we get to use our imaginations to think about the best way to capture a dragon.
In Maths we have been looking at money and adding and subtracting different amounts using our column addition and subtraction methods. 
Week 11-14 February 2019
This week Year 3 have been looking at time and using roman numerals to tell the time. Some of us have even been thinking about telling the time to 5 minute intervals.
We have begun writing an adventure story that could be submitted for the Radio 2 competition. We have been focusing on making the beginning of the story interesting for the reader and wanting them to read more of the story. 
In our Science lessons we have been looking at shadows and conducted an experiment looking at shadows being bigger the closer an object is to the light source.