Blog March 2020

Week 2nd-6th March 2020
On Wednesday the staff and children had a great time celebrating words. Everyone looked wonderful - so thank you for all your efforts. We discussed our favourite words, found some of them in the dictionary and made "silly sentences" with them.
Week 9th-13th March 2020
On Monday afternoon Year 2 had a "stomp" around the field and took a close look at some of the interesting plants. They also guided a friend to places of interest that they noticed. Here are a few of their findings:
Week 16th-20th March 2020
This week we have set up a plant investigation. We already know that plants need sunshine, good soil and water to grow healthily but we are not quite sure what happens if there is too much water.
We are observing what happens and will make a conclusion in a few weeks.
We also went on a search for things that are alive, dead or things that have never lived. We then discussed how we have come to this conclusion.