Blog June 2022

Week 20th-24th June 2022
This week we have been describing the properties of materials in science and sorting them into groups.
We have been counting to 100 in maths and we had a great tasting session on Friday to see what we might like to include in our seasonal salad for DT.
We are getting so confident in the school pool. Mrs Dabbs took us for a swimming lesson and was really impressed!
Week 13th-17th June 2022
We have been absolutely brilliant in the school pool and we just love our swimming lessons! We have been using floats and woggles to build our confidence when learning to use our legs to kick. We are now beginning to learn how to  use our arms to help us to swim across the pool.
In maths we have been revisiting halves and quarters and learning about position and direction - left, right and quarter, half and whole turns. We are getting to grips with it by moving ourselves and our ladybirds on a wheel that we use to help us answer maths problems.
Week 6th-10th June 2022
What a great first week back at school!  We have started work on our next 'Write Stuff' English unit - a  travel journal and we have been practicing halving and quartering amounts in maths.
We are beginning to learn about spreadsheets in ICT and we have been using an atlas and our map reading skills to find the British Isles and Dorchester in Geography. 
The children took part in a drama about friendships and being sorry when we 'fall out' with our friends in RE. We really liked making friends again.