Blog December 2018

Week 3rd-7th December 2018
Another busy week in year one!  The children wrote about the Jolly Postman on his rounds to lots of traditional tale characters and we focused on spelling the days of the week correctly and putting full stops in the right place.
The children also walked to the postbox to post all their letters to Father Christmas that they wrote last week.  Fingers crossed he can reply before we finish for the holidays! 
In Maths the children have been very quick to learn about 3D shapes and have been finding lots around the classroom and around the school.  
The children have also been working hard on learning all the songs for the play next week!
Have a safe and fun weekend.
The Year One Team.  
Week 10th-14th December 2018
This week the children looked at the story of the gingerbread man and began a story map which we will be writing up next week. 
In maths the children have been learning how to write numbers in words and finding out that 13 and 15 are quite naughty numbers!! 
The children of course all took part in the Christmas performance and did a great job!
The children also looked at different materials in science to help the gingerbread man stay dry! 
Have a good weekend
The year one team