October 2018

Week 1st-5th October 2018
We have been writing up our non fiction writing for our best you can be books in literacy this week.
In maths we have been adding using a Singapore bar and a number line.
In RE we finished our artwork on plastic pollution and we have started to learn about our class saint - St Christopher.
We are all really looking forward to Harvest day tomorrow!
We would really appreciate it if you could make sure all uniform is marked, biro on the label is fine.  It really helps us to return lost items!
Week 8th-12th October 2018
The children have been having fun learning about the seasons in literacy and writing poetry about the seasons and sentences describing autumn leaves.
In maths we have been subtracting using a Singapore bar, pictures of objects and a number line, which we are getting very good at!
We had Fr Barry visit the school on Wednesday for mass and the children were really well behaved and sang beautifully.
In RE this week the children have been learning about our class saint - St Christopher.  
We have all had a go at showing the high and low notes when learning about pitch in music!
The homework this week is maths and it is on Education City. Your child's log in is stuck onto the inside front cover of their homework book. Hope they enjoy it!
Kirsten from Dorset Waste Partnership came to tell us about composting our greens and browns! Greens - things that grow like fruits and vegetables, but not citrus fruits (as they are too acidic) and browns - cardboard, wood shavings and old egg boxes to help create air pockets for the creatures that live and in and help to create great compost! 
The Year 1 Team
Week 15th-19th October 2018
This week we have been writing instructions in literacy - how to wash our hands and to make a fruit smoothie.  
In maths we have been tackling tricky questions with missing + and - symbols and using dots to help us find the answers.
This week in art the children used different coloured tissue paper and paper plates to make pumpkins.  They really enjoyed it and we took the photo in a dark classroom.  The children switched on some electric candels and made spooky noises!
We have been learning about Islam in RE and showing how high and low the pitch is in music.
The half term homework is in the books ready to go!  
Please keep reading and practicing writing at home.  Have a great half term week!