May 2023

Week 15th-19th May 2023

This week we have had a lovely time learning outside. In Science we went on a nature walk to look at the trees. We found all the different parts of the trees on the field, looked at the shape of leaves and tried to identify which leaf belonged to which tree. 

We have also made bread rolls to reinforce our learning on capacity and measure. Everyone had a go at measuring, stirring and kneading and we discussed the fact that we had done Maths, English, DT, Science and PE all in one morning!

Week 9th-12th May 2023
This week we have begun a new topic in maths where we will learn about weight and capacity.
In English our topic is The Song of the Sea, this is an Irish Myth and we are excited to start learning the story in preparation for writing our own myth.
Week 2nd-5th May 2023
The week before the Coronation of King Charles III we took part in lots of learning activities.
We thought about what it would be like to be a King and what we would like to change.
On the day before the coronation we had a party at school and played games just like the King would have done when he was younger.