September 2022

Week 26th-30th September 2022

This week we have been learning about where we live and have marked the United Kingdom on our class map, we have discovered where we live in Dorchester and talked about all the things that are near us to visit. 


We have been out to forest school where we created a giant spiral out of leaves which links in with our Art work on spirals and mark making in Art.


Some children have even joined the Gardening Club this week and I look forward to seeing their work blossom in the Spring.


Week 20th-23rd September 2022
Everyone has got used to being independent when they are coming into school and are all able to put their belongings in the right place and get on with their early bird activity.
We have been learning about ordering numbers and reminding ourselves how to count accurately forwards and backwards from 20.
We are enjoying learning about Our Bodies in Science and have been thinking about all the different parts of our bodies that we use for different activities - we have discovered that we use a lot of different bones and muscles just to wave!
Week 12th-16th September 2022

Everyone has enjoyed the first full week of school and been busy with all the activities that we have been doing at school. We have been learning the day and date, the season and all about our class timetable.



In phonics we have begun reviewing the sounds that were learnt in reception and are all ‘on phonics fire’ (doing really well!).



The children have really enjoyed playing Buried Treasure on Phonics Play ( which helps them practice decoding and blending real and fake words, while having fun!



We started our Art work today by going outside to create mini spirals out of twigs, we had to work as a team,  communicate effectively and share what we found to make the best spiral. It was great being outside in the sunshine. 


The children have also been teaching me the class prayers and are really great at singing the lunchtime one altogether.



Week 5th-9th September 2022
This week we have all been getting used to coming to school again - everyone has done really well and mostly we have had smiles for most of the day.
The children have adapted well to their new environment and have really enjoyed learning all about Little Red Riding Hood in the Role play area and listening to the story.
We have begun to write sentences to describe the main characters and there are some super descriptive words being used already. A great start to Year 1.