School Life Sept 2017 - 2018

On Thursday 28th September St Mary's started a new after school club - Student Fitness. The children really enjoyed this.

On Monday 2nd October 2017. one of our Year 4 Mum's came to our Assembly and talked to the children about Guide Dogs. We will be having a non-uniform day on Friday 6th October to raise money for Guide Dogs. The children were really interested in meeting a Guide Dog and hearing all about them.
On 26th March 2018 we had a number of members of our Church community join our children in Assembly. They talked to the children about their memories of school life and how it was different to schools and life today.
The children really enjoyed hearing all these stories and seeing photos.

Eco-work at St Mary’s & Radio Interview

 Our Eco work is developing well at St Mary’s with our Eco-club, our wildlife wardens and Forest schools. This week some of our Eco club were invited to take part in a radio broadcast with BBC Radio Solent. The children talked about being Wildlife Wardens, the things they do in the Eco club and why they enjoy being outside. It was a great experience for them and they were great ambassadors for the school.

Please have a listen to the interview at the following link and if you scroll through to 50 minutes into the programme you will hear our children being interviewed.


Alternatively, go onto the BBC Radio Solent site and search for ‘The Lost Words’ and the programme will also come up, it is with conservationist Richard Bradford from 26th April.