School life 2017

19th July
We enjoyed Leavers Mass and said goodbye to both our Year 4, Mrs Brown and Mr Cheeseman.  
6th July
Transfer Day at St Mary's
The children have enjoyed going to their new classes and meeting their new teachers.   A very successful day for all !
6th July
The Remberance Garden is starting to look gorgeous and the children are really proud and protective of all their hard work.  The children have loved shovelling gravel, digging flower beds and best of all pushing the wheelbarrow! They enjoyed all the lovely comments and appreciation that people have shown.  
The children have planned and budgeted for all the work that has been done and look forward to the next stage of the garden.
26th June
We said thank you to our grandparents and reminded them that they do a fabulous job.  They are all very special people.  
19th June
The children celebrated Father's Day in our school assembly.  We were very pleased to see so many Dads join us.  
16th June
We celebrated Father's Day with Father Barry.  All the children made a card for him to say thank you for all the lovely things he does to help us.
12th June
Today we said thank you to all Mummies in our school assembly.
May 2017
Father Barry led the May Devotions to the Virgin Mary in a parade around the school grounds with all the children.
March 2017
The Caterpillar Club has been busy creating the Remberance Garden for the whole school to enjoy.  We have been thinking about what makes a remberance garden different to a normal garden. We thought that it was essential to be a peaceful place for meditation and reflection.  The children were careful when they were selecting the plants, thinking about plant heights as well as colour.
The first task was to dig the flower bed and we were lucky that Mark Haysom, our Chair of Governors came for a visit and volunteered to help us with that.  He was keen to be involved!
We have also been busy sowing seeds in the polytunnel.  We check weekly to see how our seedlings are doing.  We are all very excited to see the progress!
The nest step is to build the path.  You may have noticed the ropes marking this out.  We experimented with the path going in many different directions.  Next we had to decide what we wanted to use to build it.  Mrs Fearn has given the Caterpillars a budget so the cost was an important factor.  After digging  the flower beds, we know what hard work is involved with this and are not looking forward to the digging quite so much this time!
St Mary's Catholic First School 50th Anniversary Firework Celebration
There were lots of parents past and present as well as past staff members that joined us for our celebration.  We were very pleased so many people joined us for this event.  Everybody said that they had a fantastic time and what fun it was!
8th March
World Book Day
We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. Everybody dressed up as their favourite book character (even the staff!)
We started the day by having a costume parade in assembly where we got to see how fantastic everybody looked! We then got put into family groups for the day and did different activities run by each of the teachers. The activities included making masks of our favourite book characters, make bunting for the library of our favourite books, book reviews and art about our favourite books. 
We all had a fantastic day!
3rd March
On Tuesday we were very lucky to have Mr G lead Science Day for us. The day started with an assembly lead by Mr G where he wowed us all with various different science experiments. We had loud bangs, smoke Airzooka, light and heavy rice, giant bubbles and he even turned a coin gold!
We then had individual class sessions where we could investigate different things. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2's activities included; Camera Obscura, Each Way Round Sound Hat, Optical illusion Discs, Slinky cup, Giant Electric Buzzer, Coke Can Rollers, Wave Generator, Coat Hanger Gong, Diet Coke Mentos.
Year 3 and Year 4's activities included; Screaming Cups, Sound Straws, Singing Bowl, Coat Hanger Gong, Magnets, Horseshoe Magnets, Iron Filings, Ring Magnets, Snake Magnets, Compasses, CD Hovercrafts, Diet Coke Mentos. 
We all had lots of fun and are now very enthusiastic about our learning within Science. 
On Tuesday 7th February we had Safer Internet Day, The children were put into family groups for the day and did a variety of different activities focussed around being safe online. 
Each of our teachers ran a different activity; Mrs Bourne's group made collages of things that are safe to share online, Miss Simmonds' group had a discussion about what to do if we feel unsafe online and then created posters, Mrs Tucker's group made e-safety acrostic poems, Mr Kay's group made an animation about being safe online using the iPads and Miss Dowling and Mrs Gannon's group did some drama about being safe online. 
During the afternoon  Miss Simmonds did an e-safety session for parents. Finally the day ended with an assembly where parents were invited. The children got a chance to share what they had been doing for the day with the parents, we even had the choir singing an e-safety song!

Well done to Maddie and her sister Imogen who had a cake sale to raise money for Joseph Weld.  They raised  an amazing  £862.44!  Joseph Weld helped to look after their grandad  so they wanted to say thank you in a big way.

A great example of the DASP 7c's and how we can support our wider community.
These Year 4 girls organised a cake sale on behalf of a cancer charity at our local hospital.
They planned and organised the sale and found some willing bakers all by themselves.  They
raised a fabulous £122. Another example of the DASP Caterpillar 7c's and how we can help in our