School life 2015/16

14th July 2016
On Thursday, we had a visit from Nigel Spring who works for the Butterfly Conservation. He set some Moth traps on Wednesday night and then showed all the children the moths he had caught on Thursday. There were some fine specimens although he was a little disappointed with his find because the night had been a little chilly. This ties in really nicely with our Eco Schools work and allows the children to see the creatures that live among us that they would normally not know were there.
20th June
Today we celebrated our dad's during our assembly.  The children were keen to share what made their dad special.
Mrs Fearn thanked all the dads for many ways that they support both school and the children.
20th June
We were delighted to welcome M & M Theatrical Productions  for a performance of The Railway Children.
The children enjoyed it and had a great time.  
Year 3 took part in an athletics festival at St Osmund's this week.  
Minesha said "It was a really nice morning and I enjoyed it.  The jumping was my favourite."  
Barney said "I liked doing the javelin.  The Sports Leaders were friendly and helpful."

"I liked the javelin activity and having fun with my friends.  The children from the other schools were friendly and kind to me." said Zara 


Children across Dorset were invited to write a 'Dorset Story' for a writing competition.  Children were graded for their orginality, grammer and local influences.  Senna-Rose was awarded 'Highly Commended'by Sir Julian Followes for exceptional description of her settin within the story.
Teachers selected the following children
Year 1 Finn and Sophia
Year 2 Migual and Niamh P
Year 3 Senna-Rose and Abbie
Year 4 Samuel and Amelia H
Senna-Rose said "I got an award for describing my setting in my story.  The judges said they felt like they were actually there.  I enjoyed writing the story and meeting Julian Fellowes."
Abbie said "My story was funny and happy.  I enjoyed the award afternoon.  It was inspiring to meet Julian Fellowes."
24th March
The children, staff and parents ran or walked a mile  round the school field dressed as their favourite sporting hero.  Andy Kent led the parents and children with a warm up!  Great fun was had by all and we raised and amazing £1252.40!!!  Well done everybody...

Bird Watch


Friday 29th January saw the school take part in the Great British School Bird Watch.

Together with children from each year group our budding twitchers took to the playground on a cold wet morning. Our first bird spot was a Pied Wagtail, which can regularly be seen running along the playground!

As there has not been a designated bird feeding area, we took up residence in the summer house where we had a great view of trees and bushes, and a wider view of the field. There we spotted Wood Pigeons, Sea gulls, Collared Doves, Blackbirds, Pied Wagtails, a Robin, a Blue tit, and a large flock of Green Finches!

It was great fun, the children enjoyed searching for birds with their binoculars, and trying to identify which birds they had seen. They did a great job even though it was cold and wet and sometimes quite difficult to remember to be quiet!

We are hoping that a wildlife area will encourage more birds into the playground, and plan to undertake an unofficial bird watch in the spring.





Our children enjoyed visiting some local residents and singing for them.   

"I enjoyed singing to the old people and it was nice to see them."



"I enjoyed standing up and singing to them and cheering them up before Christmas."