St Mary's Eco-School

St Mary’s is a Green Flag Award holder!


St Mary's is the proud holder of the Green Flag Eco Award. We first achieved this Award in 2016, were reviewed again in 2019 and as current holders have many eco activities happening at St Mary's 


This prestigious award is given to schools who have proved a commitment to environmental issues and embedded green ideals within the curriculum and the life of the school.



Eco-School Autumn 2020-February 2021
We have been keeping busy with our eco activities this year so far.
In the Autumn term we started our daily 'Walk to School' registers in class and the 'Bike it Bear' was making an appearance once a week, but instead of the children getting to take 'Bike it Bear' home for the weekend, they received a 'keep bright' prize instead.
We voted for new eco committee members in our classes, a brand new set of eco warriors! We have already started to think of ideas for our action plan for the year.
We had an eco competition - to design each year group's chosen bug, which lots of you entered.  A winner from each year group was chosen by members of our new eco committee. Well done to the winners!
The winners were:
Reception - Oscar
Year 1 - Will
Year 2 - Neve
Year 3 - Parshwa
Year 4 - Jack
Our class bugs will be reminding us to 'think wisely' in our classrooms and to reduce, reuse and recycle.
The eco club worked very hard last year to establish a new bug hotel area in our grounds and they designed new labels for our regular and compost bins. The signs are now much clearer for our children to see and to put the right things in the right bins.
'Wellbeing Wednesday' was a chance to stop and think about our environment. In Year 1 we made wormeries and fat balls for wild birds. We refilled the bird feeders and hung some fat balls outside our classroom, as we hope to entice some wildlife there as well.
Our Class Eco-Bugs
Here are our Class Eco-Bugs drawn by our pupils
Eco-School 2020
Week 20th-24th January 2020
Today we met at Eco Club for the first time. We learned how to make fat balls for our empty bird feeder. It is very easy. Here's the recipe if you want to make it at home.
Bird seed
Dried fruit 
Chopped apple
Cut a block of lard into 4 
Place one quarter of the block in a mixing bowl. 
Next, mix in a small handful of oats, chopped apple and dried fruit and add a large handful of bird seed. 
Then squish it together and shape it into a ball. 
Hey presto a lovely seed ball! 
We filled up the bird feeders and watched to see if any birds were interested. We saw a beautiful robin, who came to eat a nice bird treat!
Week 27th-31st January 2020
In Eco Club we went bug hunting and found a lot of worms! We could see that some birds had been eating our fat balls and we started to think about new signs for our compost bins and came up with some ideas for the designs.
Week 3rd-7th February 2020
The eco club made bug hotels this week using bamboo and pine cones!
Year 2 won the class eco award and Emily Dunlop (Year 4)  got to take Bike it Bear home for the weekend.
Week 10th-14th February 2020
This week we have been making signs for our new bug hotel area in the school grounds.  The children decided what they wanted on the signs and we shall finish them after half term. We think they look great!
This week's Bike it Bear winner was Samuel
Week 25th-28th February 2020
In eco club this week we were finishing off our bug hotel signs.  We added a couple of smaller bug hotels and decided where the signs should go when the paint is dry and they are sealed.
We think they look really good!
Week 2nd-6th March 2020
At eco club this week we were learning about worms and how to make a wormery.  We made 2! The worms look right at home.
On Friday we had an amazing turn out for the bike it breakfast and lots of children and parents cycled and biked to school. We were blessed with fine, sunny weather. A massive thank you to Sharon Conway and the fantastic PTA who helped to set this up and provided a scrummy continental breakfast!