October 2022

Week 31st October - 4th November 2022
We hope you all had a great half term. Autumn term 2 is upon us already! 
This week the children have begun a new unit in English based on Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The children were very enthusiastic about our new class text. They have already created some of their own Wonka inspired, sweet treat creations such as a 'goeberry creamallow delishake!' The children really got the hang of creating their own descriptions based on combining taste and flavour words. Well done Year 4. 
In Maths this week children have been securing their addition and subtraction skills and using them to solve one step problems. They have gained confidence using a single bar model and a comparison bar model to help them work out the answer. The children have impressed us this week being able to describe what the model shows and how it helps them to solve the problem. Excellent problem solving Year 4. 
On Friday afternoon, Year 4 visited Manor Park First School and took part in the maths cafe. They had a lot of fun taking part in this community cafe and got to put their calculation skills to the test to ensure they got the correct change. They behaved beautifully and were a credit to St Mary's. Well done Year 4. It was a lovely end to our week. 
Week 17th-20th October 2022
What a busy week for year 4!
They celebrated their RE end of unit on special people with a class Liturgy and joined children across the globe in prayer on Tuesday. 
Annabelle kindly made some Challah bread for the class and the children painted hearts for their branches of love tree.
We received an invitation from Manor Park First School to attend their community cafe on Friday 4th November.
Please can you provide your child with £1 for drinks and a piece of cake or biscuits on that day. It is a great opportunity for the children to use their math’s skills in a real life situation.
Week 10th-14th October 2022
Year 4 loved helping their buddies on Laudato Si day. Together they stripped and plaited the willow, learned a song about protecting our earth, planted bulbs and sat in a tractor! With their buddies, the children made apple juice and enjoyed a taster.
In PE , Year 4 are developing their rugby skills and their fitness levels.
In maths, the team spirit means that everyone is being a Go For It Gorilla and sharing their knowledge of methods when adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers.
Grandpa Chatterji in our guided reading continues to be a hit.
Well done year 4.
Week 3rd-7th October 2022
Another great week for year 4. We have been sharing the book Grandpa Chatterji and learning where India is on the map.
We have enjoyed word searches, which have taught us how to scan for words.
In Geography, we have been locating rivers and mountains on a world map and discussing how these are formed.
With our chatty chums we have supported one another in our learning and had great fun learning numbers in French.