January 2023

Week 16th-20th January 2023
Year 4 enjoyed a small flurry of snow before the ice came!
They are also enjoying their dance lessons and learning their x tables together. 
Week 9th-13th January 2023
What a busy week the children have had and how proud we are of them all.
We are delighted to have a student teacher working with us on Mon-Wed called Ms Greedy. She led a lovely lesson on reporting. The children interviewed one another and then wrote key highlights from the interview into their English books. They thoroughly enjoyed it and engaged well.
Week 3rd-6th January 2023
The children have had a great first week back. The models of the digestive system were of a very high standard so thank you to all of the children and their helpers!
In English, we have been researching ocean pollution which complements our Eco school and Gospel value ethos and our understanding of how we impact our world. The children were emotive about this issue, articulating it well. I look forward to reading their newspaper reports in a few weeks.