Home Working Area Year 4 - 15th-19th June 2020


Please find below the information for home learning for Year 4 for week 10 – 15th-19th June. The home learning information and resources from previous weeks will remain available in the Year 4 Parent's Hub under the relevant week.


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(Text from Year 4 parent letter, also below as a PDF)


Dear Year 4 parents,

Hello and welcome to week 10! I hope you enjoyed last week’s activities!

Here is this week’s selection of activities. There’s some activities on Greek Myths and
some more Science activities looking at electricity.

1. Daily Reading for 30 minutes – can you please sign their reading contact book. There are
also activities on Education City under homework and reading that can also be

2. Spellings – high frequency and common exception words. The children to choose 10 that
they think they cannot spell and use the spelling strategy sheet to practice them.

3. TTRockstars – independent multiplication tables game. This game assesses the children
as they play and adapts the questions to the speed and accuracy of their answers.

4. Bronze and Silver 5 a day maths sheets. Children to choose either bronze or silver or
both. These sheets cover all areas of maths. Some questions on the silver sheets may be
unfamiliar as we haven’t covered them in class but the children know this and will try
and tackle them. If you want more, feel free to use the ones that are the dates in the 2
weeks just gone.

5. There are also some Purple Mash maths games to complete this week but make sure it is
challenging even if you start with the easier games and work up to the more difficult.

6. There are a range of electricity activities this week looking at circuits. There is a top
marks website with a game to try the circuit using different objects to see what conducts
electricity, there are also different scenarios to try and see what happens – once you have
completed the game you need to write up what you have found out on Purple Mash –
Year 4 circuits Task.

7. Purple Mash – research different Greek plays and then use purple mash to create a poster.
There is then a video about Pandora’s Box where you will need to watch and draw a
picture to show what happened. In addition, there is also an art activity to draw what
came out of Pandora’s box on Purple Mash. Finally, you can use 2create a story on
Purple Mash to write the story of Pandora’s Box.

8. I have also included some coding games for you to try. There are 2 difficulties so try and
have a go at both if you can! There is a helpful video to explain how to complete the task
in the left-hand top corner of the window.

9. In addition, you can also have a look at the BBC Bitesize Daily lessons. These are free
easy to follow lessons with video clips and activities to add variety to the work I have set
already. Feel free to try them and explore previous lessons.

Thank you very much; I hope you enjoy this week’s activities.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Miss Simmonds