Home Working Area Year 3 (Children around the World) - 29th June-3rd July 2020


Please find below the information for home learning for Year 3 for week 12 – 29th June-3rd July. The home learning information and resources from previous weeks will remain available in the Year 3 Parent's Hub under the relevant week.


Please click on the link below to see this week’s video from Miss Simmonds




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(Text from Year 3 parent letter, also below as a PDF)

Dear Year 3 parents,

I hope you are all well and are enjoying the beautiful weather.


Hello and welcome to week 12! I hope you enjoyed last week’s activities!


Here is this week’s selection of activities.


We have a focus of Children around the world for this week. On Monday it is Missio day (information has been be sent via the school office), so we have a focus to celebrate this day on Monday.


The activities for this week are:


1. Continue to practice your spellings from the lists given. Remember you can

always use word pyramids to help you with your practicing! Also remember

to have a go at the purple mash game.


2. Reading continues to be using education city games - there is a folder

under homework called - reading. The children can choose an activity they

like the look of and complete it.


3. Math activities - games on purple mash to have a go at - remember to give

yourself a challenge if there is a choice!


4. I have also added corbett maths challenge - 5 a day. If these are too

tricky then please have a look at the maths activities on Education City.


5. Monday – Missio day – have a look at the attached information sheet on

how to create a poster to celebrate people around the world using

different languages.




6. India research to complete a Purple Mash postcard – imagine you are

staying for an Indian family and send a post card home to explain what it

was like. This website may help: https://kidsinothercountries.org/


7. Watch the BBC clips and complete the purple mash activity to compare the

children’s lives in Africa with ours.


8. Have a look at the African abstract art and have a go at creating your

own abstract art.


9. Research the Blitz in World War 2 - what happened? Why? Think about

how Dorset was affected by this. Then use Purple Mash to create your

own Newspaper report about the Blitz.


10. Finally there is another Spywatch video to watch.


I hope you enjoy this weeks’ activities.


Thank you very much for all of your support.


We look forward to seeing you very soon


Miss Simmonds and the Year 3 team