Home Working Area Year 2 - 4th-8th May 2020


Please find below the information for home learning for Year 2 for week 5 – 4th-8th May. The home learning information and resources from previous weeks will remain available in the Year 2 Parent's Hub under the relevant week.

Please see below the video from Mrs Bourne for you and the Year 2 children about this week's home learning, or click on the link below:






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(Text from Year 2 parent letter, also below as a PDF)


Dear Year 2 Parents

Thank you to all of you who are encouraging your children to complete activities set. I
have seen some great work on Purple Mash and it has been lovely seeing children’s
comments and being able to write back to them. I am tracking all children through
Education City as well and some of the scores are very impressive! Keep up the good

The activities on the timetable for week 5 are:

See Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel for a great daily workout for the whole family. Many
children can only manage half an hour, so I have altered the timing on the timetable. It
also means your child can get on with their learning quicker in the morning. “Cosmic
yoga” gives a change of pace and person!

We are continuing to use Purple Mash and Education City in year 2. The latter, children
can mainly do independently but with the Purple Mash most children will need some
adult help with the reading. Please encourage your child to complete the activities
through the week. Well done to those who completed the Mary Anning online multiple choice.

Please continue choosing words that your child cannot spell yet on the high frequency list or the common exception list. These are words that year 2 children should be able to spell within their writing tasks if they are working at the year 2 standard.

Please continue to encourage your child to complete the maths activities. With Purple mash your child can choose their level, with Education city it is levelled for your child and TT rockstars is the same for all. Please let your child use objects to help them with the activity such as dried pasta or Lego. I have been pleased with the scores I saw last week.

TT Rock Stars (times tables)
Please continue learning the tables with your child. These games are quick paced so please encourage your child to be a Go for it Gorilla.

Before your child starts their writing tasks please remind them to think through each sentence they want to write before they start. Once written they then read it back to make sure it makes sense. They need to remember to vary the conjunctions used (instead of using “and” they could put so, when, because, while, but etc). They also need to check their spellings and avoid repetition. Please then submit their work onto Purple Mash so that I can see it and feedback to your child.

We continue to be very grateful for all of your hard work and support at this unprecedented time and understand how hard it is to juggle your own work and work set for your child. You are doing really well.
I would like to reiterate, once again, that although I have timetabled the week (as some children like this structure and some parents want more specific timings) please swap days and timings around to suit you and your family. Both the PE and the audio stories can be accessed at any time on the YouTube channels.

Many thanks and look after your own wellbeing.

Mrs Bourne and the Year 2 team