Home Working Area Year 2 - 1st-5th June 2020


Please find below the information for home learning for Year 2 for week 8 – 1st-5th June. The home learning information and resources from previous weeks will remain available in the Year 2 Parent's Hub under the relevant week.


Please click on the link below to see this week’s video from Mrs Bourne






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(Text from Year 2 parent letter, also below as a PDF)


 Dear Year 2 parents,

I hope that you have had an enjoyable half term with some sunny walks and time off from home-schooling. It was lovely speaking to all of your children just before the half term and what a wonderful job you are all doing! It is not easy working from home, so I am proud of all the year 2’s who are trying their very best.


The activities on the timetable for week 8 are:



Joe Wicks and cosmic yoga continue to be popular, but I have also added a dance workshop, recommended by Mrs Gannon. Please continue to do whichever suits your family and gets your child ready for learning. A brisk walk, scoot or cycle outside is also a good way to start the day, particularly with our sunny days.



We are very keen, as always, with children reading a little every day. Whilst speaking to the children on the phone it was good to hear that some of your children are reading to siblings, pets and grandparents on FaceTime. Whichever way suits you the message is simply, “Carry on reading “. Now that we can’t swap books at school or the library many of us have had to turn to online options. The focus this week is poetry and there are many free online children’s poems to explore. Please do this with your child to keep them safe on the internet. It is also worth mentioning that the Hay Festival is digital this year (18 - 31 May) with interactive activities online. Google it and take a look on https://www.hayfestival.com/home 



Please continue choosing words that your child cannot spell yet on the high frequency list or the common exception list. These are words that yr 2 children should be able to spell within their writing tasks if they are working at the year 2 standard. Any extra words to try would be topic based so your child could try: shore, shoreline, beach, beaches, waste, pollute, pollution, plastic, recycle, sculpture. 



This week we are focusing on measure (in addition to ongoing multiplication and number bonds). Your child may like to look around the house to see items that have measuring scales on them and discuss with you how you read the scales. In year 2 the expectation is that a child can read scales in increments of 1, 2, 5 and 10. Those who are very confident might like to explore reading scales where not all the numbers are present. Measuring for real life scenarios is always best so any cooking or measuring for drinks (squash in the garden!) would be really beneficial.




Thank you for persevering with the writing at home; it is often the most challenging task. The main focus is ensuring that what your child writes makes sense and that they have considered their spellings. Your child is used to having editing time where they re read work to check for this. If it becomes a real struggle please be led by them and write about what they are interested in. A reason for writing is always helpful so a letter to grandad, an email to a friend, a shopping list for the week etc 


    I would like to reiterate , once again, that although I have timetabled the week ( as some children like this structure and some parents want more specific timings ) please swap days and timings around to suit you and your family. Both the PE and the audio stories can be accessed at any time on the YouTube channels as can Purple Mash, Education City and TT Rock stars. 

    Please continue to look after your own wellbeing. It was great speaking to most of you and thank you for your continued support.



     Mrs Bourne and the Year 2 team