Home Working Area Year 1 - 27th April-1st May 2020

Please find below the information for home learning for Year 1 for week 4 – 27th April–1st May. The home learning information and resources from previous weeks will remain available in the Year 1 Parent's Hub under the relevant week.

The Curriculum topic web for your year has been added as a resource this week for your information and they have been uploaded to the Curriculum hub as well.


Take a look at the new videos and photos from Mr Dailey, our DASP PE Specialist under the PE hub, lots of ideas for physical activities you can do at home. If you would like to send any videos, photos of what your children are doing with their PE to Mr Dailey/Mrs Fearn, please send them to the school office email.


We also have information from the Dorset Reading Partners/links to authors reading stories, how to read at home for fun, under a new Reading at home hub.


(Text from Year 1 parent letter, also below as a PDF)



Dear Year 1 parent,

It’s week 2 of the summer term already! I hope that you are happy, keeping well and
have been enjoying getting some fresh air on these lovely sunny days.

Here’s the template for the week. Please keep doing what you are doing, it is a guide and
needs to fit in around your day at home. If you want more to do, the follow-on tasks
should keep you busy if you need them. The home-learning has got to work for you. I
have 4 children (6 years apart), although they are a little older now, I remember how fun
juggling life with a young family can be!

I had to go into the back catalogue of the Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts to start the day,
so you might recognise some of these videos! I have also set some more activities on
Education City and Purple Mash this week. It’s also a great way for me to check in and
see how you are getting on, I hope you enjoy them!

There’s a different phonic activity on Education City each day this week and tricky
words on Friday. After the online activity choose some words from your phonics
screening list, read them and draw sound buttons on them as a follow-on activity.

Guided Reading
There are new RWI guided reading books for you this week. Over the week read them 3
times, starting with the speed sounds, green words, red words and then the text. Answer
the questions to talk about.

Watch my video on measure! Measuring in units of measure (paper clips or pegs),
learning how to measure with a ruler and tape measure in cm. Complete the tasks set on
the video tutorial. If you need a ruler template see the attachment that you can print out.

Here are some other ideas for measuring tasks:
● Measure the family to see who is the shortest, who is taller and who is the tallest!
● Measure toys, put them in height order and measure them too.
● Measure your feet and order your shoes smallest to largest, or largest to smallest!

I am growing a broad bean at home. It is taking a while to get going! I am hoping to keep a photo diary of my broad bean when it starts to germinate. In the meantime, complete the activity on Purple Mash - Plants labelling and growing.

This week it’s all about maps! Thinking about symbols you might see on a map, log onto Purple mash - play map symbols pairs, it will really challenge your memory too!

This term’s topic is ‘growing’. So, log onto Purple mash - the task is ‘when I grow up’. Watch the short film of children talking about what they want to do when they grow up and then tell us what you would like to do when you grow up!

Finish the Easter garden you started last week.

Watch my video on polyrhythms. See if you can create your own polyrhythm!


Write a sentence for each phonics screening word.

Choose a few new words each day and practice writing them by starting and finishing in the right place. If you’re not sure where they start and finish, have a look at the letter formation sheets to help you. Can you challenge yourself to spell them without looking? Super challenge - can you write them into a sentence in joined up handwriting? Have a go!

Matilda & Fantastic Mr Fox answer the ‘questions to read and answer’.

Follow on activities:

CHILLI CHALLENGE! See how many groups of objects you can order in length and measure!
Can you find items that are half or double the length or another?

Play the compass directions board game. Can you find the town landmarks at the same time?

Hope you have a great week!

Mrs Gannon & the Year 1 team

Guided reading books
Links to Mrs Gannon's YouTube tutorials