Home Working Area Year 1 - 11th-15th May 2020


Please find below the information for home learning for Year 1 for week 6 – 11th-15th May. The home learning information and resources from previous weeks will remain available in the Year 1 Parent's Hub under the relevant week.


Please click on the link below to see this week’s video from Mrs Gannon:







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(Text from Year 1 parent letter, also below as a PDF)


Dear Year 1 Parents


Here’s the home learning for this week. I hope that you are all keeping well, we are thinking of you. Remember, the plan is a guide and needs to fit in around your day at home.  If you want more to do, there are follow on tasks to keep you busy!


Joe’s workouts are there to help start the day and CosmicYoga if you prefer a slower start to the morning.


I have been looking at your wonderful work on purple mash. It’s not only a great way to see how you’re getting on, but a great way to communicate with you too and I think everyone is getting the hang of it now. So, don’t forget to click ‘hand in’ after you’ve completed a task and look out for my comments and feedback. I’m afraid there is no link on the plan to purple mash, just log on using your details.



Each day watch Mrs Hunns phonics videos, just click onto the link and it will take you straight to her YouTube video. Then log onto purple mash. I have made a spelling quiz each day for you to do as a follow-on activity focusing on that sound. On Friday it’s common exception words. There’s an activity on Education City followed by a common exception word spelling quiz. I hope you enjoy them!


Guided Reading

There are new RWI guided reading books for you every week.  Over the week read them 3 times, starting with the speed sounds, green words, red words and then the text. Then answer the questions to talk about.



We’re continuing to learn about measure in maths this week. We’re also returning to other maths topics. Click onto the blue link on the template. This will take you to the White Rose home learning website. Select week one then lesson 5. Click the play button on the screen, this is a tutorial to watch, then click get the activity to do. If you can’t print out the sheet, write the answers in your book. Then check by clicking get the answers (at the end!). On Tuesday go to week 2 lesson 1, Wednesday -week 2, lesson 2, Thursday - week 2, lesson 3 and Friday week 2, lesson 4. Tuesday-Friday the video is a Flashback 4. 4 questions revisiting maths topics previously covered. Press play to hear the question, then pause to answer and then click play to reveal the answer! After this, complete the activity sheet, this can be done on paper if you can’t print out the sheet.


This week there is a link to a Maddie & Greg lesson on plants. After watching this have a go at the flowering plants quiz. I wonder how many plants you can name?



Last week you read the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. You might like to read this again and then log onto purple mash 2do - Set the Tolpuddle Martyrs free! The activity is to design your own poster. Click onto the picture icon at the top right-hand corner of the page to add a picture and then write a few sentences underneath about why the Tolpuddle Martyrs should be freed. There are some topic words in the ‘think about’ box and a ‘writer’s checklist’ to help you with your writing.



Click onto the link, watch the video, and answer the questions about the story - the road to Emmaus.



This activity follows on from last week.  Now you can record your polyrhythm using the app on purple mash. Complete the 2do - 2Beat. Try adding different rhythms for each instrument and play back to hear the poly-rhythm!






Choose 3 words from the spelling quiz and write a sentence for each.



Choose a few new words each day and practice writing them by starting and finishing in the right place. If you’re not sure where they start and finish, have a look at the letter formation sheets to help you.  Can you challenge yourself to spell them without looking?  Super challenge - can you write them into a sentence in joined up handwriting? Have a go!



Matilda & Fantastic Mr Fox answer the ‘questions to read and answer’.



Get a jug and a glass, estimate how many glasses of water will fill the jug.   Try it out. Were you right? Then find other vessels at home you could use to measure the capacity of larger ones!



Look at the PDF - What do you think the disciples were thinking when they recognised Jesus? Write their thoughts in the thought bubble.


Have a great week!



Mrs Gannon & the Year 1 team


Guided Reading books for Year 1