Blog May 2021

Week 24th-28th May 2021
We have been measuring this week in maths - weight and height.  We used scales to measure the weight of items on our tables using multilink to balance the scale. We also measured how tall our broad beans have grown and compared them.
I am so impressed with the wonderful writers we have in our class. The children have worked really hard on their stories, writing them up in their best handwriting.  We're also getting pretty good at editing too!
We hope you have a wonderful half term break, the weather is looking good!
Week 17th-21st May 2021
This week we planted out our broad beans. Some have grown faster than others and the rain showers have helped to keep them watered. We are keeping an eye on them outside our classroom.
The children have been writing the story of the 'Cloth from the Clouds' and have recalled the narrative really well by following the story map.
We are measuring weight in maths and loving seeing which items are heavier than each other!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Week 10th-14th May 2021
This week we have been observing the changes in our broad beans, some of them have really taken off!
In History we have been questioning the characters of George Loveless and James Frampton from the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. We have been bringing those historical characters to life in some drama of our own.
Please keep checking google classroom for messages and home learning tasks.
Have a great weekend!
Week 4th-7th May 2021
We have had a big change around in the classroom and it's great! It gives us a lot more space and we are now enjoying getting used to our new table groups.
We have been getting to grips with making equal groups and sharing into equal groups in maths. We learned signs for rows and columns when learning about arrays.  We are trying to sound and read some tricky words in phonics and we're getting very good at recalling how to spell common exception words now too.
In forest school we were hunting in the grounds for wild plants and flowers and we were great at spotting them!