Blog October 2017

2nd-6th October 2017
Dear parents and carers.
We have had another busy week in year one!  In our Literacy lessons the children have been told about the book Dear Zoo and we have looked at the animals that appear in the story and the children have thought of additional adjectives for them. This book was chosen as it links in to our unit in Science called Animals including humans, where the children have been identifying the key features of different types of animals including mammals, fish and amphibians.
The children have concluded their second week of addition and number bonds to 10 and have shown they understand the equals and add symbol very well so please keep up any addition work at home in a fun way as we'll be moving on next week to another skill.
Thank you also to parents who have had the dragon visit their home!  He has enjoyed each visit and he always comes back on time!  The dragon goes to visit the home of a child every day and with him comes a diary for the children to draw a picture and to write a few sentences (either by themselves or with an adult scribing) about what they did together.  Each child will get a turn, but it will take a little while to get around to everybody.
The Year One Team
16th-20th October 2017
This week in Year One the children have been using number lines to work out addition and subtraction number problems.  They are used to using counters, numicon, fingers and now number lines.  This provides the children with a variety of resources to trial when problem solving.  As time goes on it means the children can choose what kind of resources they want to use to solve given problems and take it from the Maths Area independently.   
The children have also done a fantastic job this week of writing their best piece of writing, which will go in their Best We Can Be books and on display.  They have written their own version of Dear Zoo and thought of great reasons to send the animals back!  They have attempted to use connectives and brilliant adjectives. Some have even started to write cursively which is very pleasing.
In Science the children have been learning lots about animals.  Continuing on from last weeks work on different types of animals (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds etc.) we looked at what different animals eat.  They children learnt some very tricky words: Omnivore, Carnivore and Herbivore.
In RE the unit is Prayers, Saints and Feasts and the children have been learning what it means to be a saint and what people from a long time used to do.  They designed posters drawing a saint and all the qualities needed to be one.  They have also learn about other faiths with this unit focusing on Islam and Muslims - how they pray, were they go to pray and who they pray to.
The Year One team wishes you all a very restful and enjoyable half term.
Mrs Warner-Lee
Mrs White
Mrs Angus