Blog October 2016

7th October

Year 4 have been busy creating a board for the school with driftwood and collage. The board represents the faces of pupils in our school and of the wider community. This board is a focal point to share ideas and listen to the voice of St Mary's. Please come and share your views and suggestions on post-it’s around the community voice board.


14th October

Year 4 are starting a new literacy unit. We are going to be scientific experts and write non chronological reports. We are going to use generalisers, technical language and facts to sound extremely knowledgeable. We are using Talk for writing techniques which will widen our vocabulary and help us to write excellent reports. We are memorising a report on unicorns by using Pie Corbett actions and then we will write our own reports on Indian Monkeys. Look at our scientist re reading the report using actions.

21st October 2016

This week Mrs Saunders undertook Warden Training with Year 4.  She planned many activities to teach our Wardens to look after our younger children.  We started off with a Warden Quiz with different situations to really make the Wardens think about their responsibilities and the qualities they need to be a brilliant Warden.  She taught the Wardens some playground games that can be played with all children in the school to make them feel included, safe and happy in our School.