Blog October 2016

3rd October 2016

We are continuing to enjoy our Wednesday rugby sessions. Here’s what some of the children had to say about it:

Niamh W: ‘I enjoyed trying to run past the tagger in our groups.’

Alfie: ‘I liked running from the taggers in the warm up.’

Annabel: ‘The best bit was throwing the rugby ball to each other in our groups.’

Finn: ‘I liked passing the ball to each other in our little teams.’

In English we have started to write a recount of our trip to Tesco. This is linked to our Geography work and this week we looked at where different foods are produced in the UK.

In Maths we have been using what we have learnt about place value to help us add two 2-digit numbers.

In Science we did some writing about how our senses help us to stay out of danger.  

10th October 2016

This week we have been continuing to enjoy learning rugby skills in PE. Here are some of the things the children said about it:

Brooke: ‘The best bit was passing the ball in our group up and down the field.’

Eddie: ‘Trying to run past the defender without getting our tag removed’.

Julia: ‘The warm up and being a tagger or a freer’.

Theo: ‘ I enjoyed playing our warm up game of Stuck in the Mud’.

In English we have written a recount of our trip to Tescos, linking it to our Geography work. We have learnt to use the atlas to identify the countries of the UK, and to find out where the places are that some of our food comes from. 

In Maths we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills. We have also used our maths skills in Science to make graphs about hand span size in Year 2.     

17th October 2016

This week saw the last session of tag rugby before we move onto a new activity after half term. Year 2 PE will be in the mornings on Wednesdays, rather than the afternoons, up to Christmas. The children have all enjoyed the tag rugby, which thanks to some good weather, we have mostly been able to do outside. Here is what some of the children said about the final tag rugby session:

Thomas: ‘I liked running past the defender in our groups.’

Sophia: I enjoyed running past the defenders and not getting tagged.’

Finn: ‘I enjoyed our new warm-up game. If you are a tagger and you get a tag it goes in the blue corners. The person stands in the red circle until a freer frees them!’

Laila: ‘I liked passing the ball in our groups and not getting tagged.’