Blog November 2018

Week 5th-9th November 2018
This week in Year one the children have been doing a great job of retelling the story of the three billy goats Gruff. 
They have been practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10’s and using objects and pictures in Maths and following instructions/algorithms given by their partner in ICT to draw a picture. 
The children have also been collecting beads in a jar for excellent lining up and coming into class ready to start their next lesson. Once the jar is full there will be a special activity! 
We've been learning about the sacraments in RE and had a KS1 liturgy remembering the centenary of the end of WWI.
In science this week we have been talking about suitable materials to build a house and we have been designing our own houses for the 3 little pigs. In music we've been singing 'Count on Me' by Bruno Mars.
Also just to clarify homework doesn’t have to be in until the Wednesday as this gives us time to look at your child’s work and then get the new homework into their books. 
Have a great weekend!
The year one team 
Week 12th-16th November 2018
This has been a very exciting week in Year One!  The week kicked off with a letter from The Three Little Pigs!  They needed our help! Apparently The Big Bad wolf hadn't been very nice to them so the children got writing WANTED posters for the wolf and the Dorset Police wrote to the children and said they had found him!  The alleged Big Bad Wolf came in for questioning on Thursday morning and some of the children asked him questions for their report.  They also also received police badges to help them to get into the role of being a police officer! 
In Maths the children have been practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's  and singing songs from Education City to help them learn the order of numbers.  
It was also anti-bullying week and the children came up with ingredients for Friendship Soup i.e. trust, respect, helping, sharing, saying kind words etc and they wrote their ideas down and then put them into a bowl and had a little sip!
In Science the children used a variety of materials to build houses for The Three Little Pigs linking to our Literacy and topic for this half term.  
Week 26th-30th November 2018
Dear parents and carers 
It has been another busy week in year one!  The children have been writing about the adventures of the Jolly Postman including using the days of the week in their writing. 
In maths the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.  The children had to put the 3D shapes into the correct group and lots of discussion and reasoning came out of having to work with a partner and sort shapes out. 
In Art the children have continued to create their own Christmas postage stamp using tissue paper and have been getting creative in RE too by making their own advent wreath after first learning about the true meaning of advent.  You may have noticed the Christmas songs being played in the is for the Christmas play in just over a week! 
Have a lovely weekend!  From the Year 1 team