Blog November 2017

30th October - 3rd November 2017
In literacy this week we have started looking at stories from other cultures. We are looking the story of Rama & Sita which ties in with the celebration of Diwali which has recently happened.
In maths we have started looking at multiplication, in particular how to see times tables as arrays. If you imagine a case of 24 cola cans, arranged 6 cans long and 4 cans wide, you will see that 6x4 is 24. Some members of the class have been exploring how many different arrays can be made for the numbers 24 & 48.
In RE we are looking at the story of Moses & the Burning Bush this week as part of our learning on Sacraments.
In ICT we have been exploring programming sprites by using Scratch Junior. The Scratch Junior website has many tutorials to look at and try at home.
Today (Thursday) we had a fantastic assembly where the children were told all about the fishing reserve in Lyme Bay.
13th-17th November 2017
This week we have been busy writing our stories based on Rama & Sita. We have been looking at fronted adverbials, how speech is set out and rich descriptive vocabulary. We have also looked at editing skills to improve ur writing.
In maths we have been looking at the informal and formal methods for multiplication to help us solve word problems.
In science we have been looking at the surface tension of water which allows us to float paper clips!