Blog November 2016

4Th November

Year 4 are being busy writers!

We have been busy settling back into school after half term. We are completing our Talk for writing unit. We are finishing our non-chronological reports on monkeys that linked to our Cloud Monkey book on India. We look carefully through our writing and edit and redraft with purple pens. We are using dictionaries to check our spellings. We then ask a friend to re-read our wring and see if they can give us any more points to improve our work. After this we can write our final draft and be confident that we have been the best we can be in our writing!
10th November

As part of an enrichment programme ,children in year 4 went on a science morning at St Osmund's middle school. Year 4 were taught by Mr Morgan who had set up a scientific activity where the children had to test out different liquids for their PH balance. Children used litmus paper to test out whether liquids were acid or alkali. Children tested how tooth enamel would react in different liquids.

18th November

Year 4 Talk for writing

Year children have started a new literacy unit. We are writing a narrative set in India. Of course, to be able to produce quality story writing, we need to be able to re- tell the story in our own words. We acted the story out and used a great deal of grammar in context. Children used many fronted adverbials to set the time of the narrative. Children were very imaginative when planning their adverbials. Our main character lived many Divalis ago, many moons ago, many winters ago and many other fronted adverbials ago!

November 21st

Year 4  have been really busy continuing to build on our grammar knowledge. Grammar gives us the the power to choose words and phrases that best effect our reader. Our story is set in India. We have been thinking and planning paragraph by paragraph in detail, understanding along the way, what a powerful verb is and discussing what prepositional phrase to use etc. We have been making a class picture map of a modelled paragraph and are able to tell the story using pictures and symbols. If we can tell a story, using the correct grammar, we can certainly write in a much more exciting way!