Blog November 2016

4th November 
Year 1 have come back ready and eager to learn again for the next half term. 
This week we have begun our Literacy by focussing on a Non-fiction text called 'Toys' to link with our History from last half term. By the end of this unit the children will have created a non fiction page for our very own non fiction book about old toys. This is very exciting!
In maths we have started looking at subtraction and using lots of different ways to help us workout the answer to a question. We have been thinking about which method we prefer to help us to work out the answer. 
We have just started Geography for this half term and the children really enjoyed it. We had a look at post codes that the postman uses to help him find our address. We then had a look at an atlas and found lots of different places like Weymouth and Dorchester. Sam was our star geographer because he even looked at the different symbols on the map was working out what they meant. We had lots of fun looking for different countries. 
We are really looking forward to our superhero day where we will dress as superheroes for the day and complete lots of challenges set by Miss Simmonds
10th November
At the end of last week we had our superhero day. We had lots of fun and did lots of different superhero activities during the day. We had lots of fun looking at the best material for Miss Simmonds' super bear and at the end decided it would be the stretchy fabric.
This week we have been writing a report about a toy in our literacy lessons. We are going to write our own report about a toy and then Miss Simmonds is going to make a book from our reports. We are very excited at seeing our book at the end. 
In our numeracy lessons we have continued to practice our subtractions this week we have been focusing on using a number line which was quite tricky to start with but now we are getting very good at using this to help us.
In ICT we have been looking more at algorithms and giving instructions for the pirate boat to get to the treasure. We have also been using the iPads which was very exciting. We played the bebot game on the iPad and were very good at using the instructions to direct the bebot. 
In PE we are doing gymnastics for this half term. So far we have been learning different rolls. Arthur liked learning how to do a tuck roll and Valentina enjoyed doing the different shapes in a roll.
We are looking forward to our trip to the Thomas Hardye School on Friday to do some exciting experiments with rockets!
18th November
Last week Year 1 had a very exciting trip to the Thomas Hardye School to learn about rockets. We went to the moon in a rocket and whilst we were there we had to make some slime. This was lots of fun and we had to rub the chemicals together in a bag to make it go gloopy. We also had to explode a pot using a vitamin C tablet - we had lots of the pots exploding all at different times. We then had to join our hands in a circle to show how our energy passes around the circle and made a special energy ball beep. We had lots of fun!
This week in our maths lessons we have been looking at positions that people might finish in a race and ordered ourselves in the correct order. 
In Literacy we have been writing our own Superhero story using some ideas from the stories we have looked at during this term. These stories have some really lovely ideas and show how we are using our imaginations. 
This week in PE we have been working on our rolls that we have learnt in previous weeks. We then tried to do a teddy roll which was very tricky and is going to take some time to get it correct. Oliver said his favourite part was doing a tuck roll. Zachary liked doing a pencil roll the best. 
24th November
This week in Literacy we have been looking at a Superhero poem. We started by looking at the different features we noticed about the poem and then moved on to learning the poem using actions to help us. We then drew pictures to help us remember the poem.
During Maths this week we have been looking at partitioning numbers and one more/one less than a number. We used lots of apparatus and number squares to help us. 
In our PE lesson this week we have been learning different jumps and making shapes whilst jumping. Valentina said she really enjoyed learning how to jump properly and Greg enjoyed doing different shapes whilst jumping. 
In Science this week we have continued to look at materials. This week we learnt about how different materials are made/found depending on whether they are man made or natural. We watched a video of lots of different materials and then talked about whether they were man made or natural.