Blog May 2017

This week we all dressed up as evacuees and went to the Nothe Fort in Weymouth to experience life as an evacuee. It was a superb trip and all of the children were brilliantly behaved. The ARP Warden was a bit scary though!!
We have been looking Mayan art as part of our 'Sunshine State' topic on North America. We used string and paint to create bas-relief images of Mayan gods and artifacts.
This week we were treated to a visit from The RNLI. They taught us all about being safe on the beach and where to swim in the sea. A couple of children got dressed up in RNLI safety gear!
This week we have been learning to play the Samba drums from Brazil. Mr Whitmarsh takes us every Tuesday where we play a selection of Brazilian rhythms. This week we wrote our own piece of music based on our WW2 topic.
In Science we have been learning about what plants need to grow. We got together in groups to label the parts of plants and their functions.