Blog May 2017

2nd May 
A short but busy week. We are continuing to enjoy watching the tadpoles grow and have noticed that a few of them now have legs. Soon we will be placing them in a better environment so that they can reach their potential. More news on that next week!
We have been learning more about mini beasts - writing "Who am I?" descriptions for the class.  We have been gaining more information from the computer and sharing this with others.
In maths we have been doubling and solving problems together. We have been using toy mini beasts to help us explain doubling.
In PE with Mr Mason we are making the most of the space we have outside and using this to challenge ourselves with running, throwing and catching.
Our mini beast masks are already starting to look good even though they at their beginning stage.   The children are having a great time creating them. 
9th May
This week we said goodbye to Oscar's tadpoles as they were ready to go to a new home to get the food they need. Mrs Marsh took them on Monday afternoon to place in her garden pond as one of the newts had formed into a frog over the weekend - and was climbing up the side of the container. The children loved looking at the transformation over the last few weeks and have asked lots of questions as a result. 
On Tuesday we had a visitor from a publishing company called letter press who shared some of her favourite stories with the children. She read them a Kipper
story called "Blue Balloon"  and handed each child a blue balloon to take home.
In PE the children are improving their running and coordination skills on the school field. They are enjoying making the most of the sunny days and lots of space! 
16th May
Last Friday we had a great treat in Reception when we were all given the opportunity to climb inside a fire engine and then squirt water from the hose. We were asked by the firefighters to see if we could look out for local water hydrants.  The class were noted for their excellent behaviour and intelligent questions and answers.
On Monday the RNLI led an assembly on safety in the sea and by the sea. The children were advised not to take inflatables and to look out for the flags flying.
The children have created a wonderful abstract image to lead us into our Pentecost topic in RE and have talked about the impact that different colours have on our feelings.
24th May
The last week of term has been a sunny and busy time. The children have enjoyed exploring new play equipment outside and joining in with the May Parade on Wednesday. They have finished creating and painting their minibeast masks and I am sure will be keen to share them with you in the classroom.
We have had a couple of singing lessons with music specialist Jo Pires with snippets of the first lesson available on Tapestry. We have been learning to sing together and to keep to a rhythm.  
In PE we are learning different activities and races ready for sports day. The children are looking forward to being part of this special occasion on the 16th June. 
We hope that  you all have a wonderful half term and look  forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 6th June.