Blog May 2016

22nd May 201
Year 4 had a fantastic residential trip to Springhead. The children discovered the magical gardens with Eddie, the centre's leader and drank the natural spring water. The whole trip was packed with wonderful events. We went on a night walk Wednesday evening, looking out for local wildlife and on Thursday a great walk over the beautiful downs. The sun shone all day. In the evening we sang songs round the bonfire and ate Smores. We all had a fantastic time and made some great memories.  
11th May
This week, year 4 have been really lucky to be taught by Abigail's mum whose mother tongue is French.Year 4 were read a story in french which they had to translate.We learnt more greetings in French and are building up our vocabulary.Abigail's mum was so impressed with year 4 efforts she said she would return ! Miss Dowling is trying hard with the language too!  Aurevoir !
6th May
We have been busy this week in year 4 setting up our fair test to find out what food a seagull would eat first in our school grounds.We had to think hard to make our science test fair.We measured out 200grammes of bread,200grammes of grass and 200grammes of mackeral .Most of us predicted the seagull would eat the mackeral within two minutes of the test being set up.Our predictions proved wrong and a crow appeared !It completely ignored the 200grammes of fish but quickly ate the bread.We discussed whether our outcome would have been different if we had left meat out and if our bread had been broken up into smaller pieces.This work has helped us to understand how scientists measure experiments under controllable conditions to get accurate results.