Blog March 2022

Week 28th-1st April 2022
We were very lucky to have Miss Boffin the Science Whizz at school. We had a fantastic session with her where we made bubble blowers and had lots of fun blowing bubbles.
We also had a challenge in our class to make something that would cushion an egg so it wouldn’t break when it was dropped on the floor.
Week 21st-25th March 2022
This week year 2 were very lucky to have a life education session with Tricia. We learnt about our bodies and how we keep them healthy. We got to see Harold the giraffe and told him about how to use medicines safely. Finally we thought about our feelings and how we could make people feel better if they were feeling sad.

Swanley said he really enjoyed meeting Harold and and looking at the parts of the body.

Molly said that she liked talking about feelings and how we can help people that are sad by making sure they are ok and asking them to play.
Week 14th-18th March 2022
During our DT lesson this week we were very lucky and got to taste smoothies. This is so we could decide on the best flavours to make our own smoothie with. We then had to give each smoothie a score out of 10.

Ara said her favourite flavour smoothie was mango and passion fruit because it was so yummy.

Jack enjoyed the blueberries and peaches smoothie the most because it tasted nice.
Week 7th-11th March 2022
Yesterday we had a fantastic trip to see the model of Mars by Luke Jerram at the Corn Exchange. We laid underneath Mars and looked at all the craters. We then sketched Mars focusing on using shading for the parts that were dark. 
Week 1st-4th March 2022
We had a very exciting World Book Day, the children came dressed in wonderful costumes and described themselves using a word from another language. The children got to work with children from other year groups to write a story about diversity, which was our theme from the day.