Blog March 2017

3rd March

We had great fun on book day this week. All staff and children dressed as book characters. There were some really inventive and colourful costumes! Children visited different classes to carry out exciting activities liked to books. In year 4 we read Mr Pusskins and stood in the pages by acting out roles in the book by using drama techniques. We also looked at paintings on the National gallery website. We talked about how artists paint stories and choose what to place in a composition the same way as authors choose words to paint scenes in the readers mind. We looked at  The Graham children by Hogarth and talked about clues to the story of the painting. We had fun  drawing ,making bird cages and creating Georgian scenes inspired from the painting. Great fun -an exciting and busy day!

8th March

This week year 4 was lucky enough to be visited by two community policewomen who gave us a very informative talk. They are there to help keep Dorchester safe. Children got to have a look at the policewomen’s vests and telephones. We discussed the importance of keeping safe and acting as responsible citizens in the community.

17th March

This week year   4 were lucky enough to visit St Osmund’s for an orienteering morning with Mr Kent. We had to use a lot of geographic thinking when setting our maps and locating points using compass directions. Year 7 pupils were very helpful and gave year 4 some useful orienteering tips.

31st March

Year 4   have been very energetic this week! We took a team to St Osmunds   for the cross country DASP competitions. It was a long course, but we had some great efforts from St Marys. We have also been practising our hockey skills in our PE lessons. Mr Kent showed us how to dribble the ball and use our hockey sticks with good control.