Blog June 2018

Week 5th-8th June 2018
We have had a very exciting week as we have been swimming in the newly lined school pool!  The children have been very good at following all the rules to keep them safe in and out of the water.  Please bring in their swimming costume or trunks everyday.  They ideally need a robe or extra towel to keep them warm poolside when not swimming.  They should also bring a pair or flip-flops or crocs or other shoes/sandals to wear to and from the pool.  They must have a hat to swim, the fabric ones are ideal as they are much easier to put on and take off.  They can wear goggles if they can put them on and take them off themselves. They are really enjoying being in the water.
We have been writing our numbers in words this week in maths, they are really cracking the spellings of the trickier numbers!  We have also been doubling and halving today in maths and using a picture of a ladybird with spots to show this.
In Literacy we have been working matching phonic sounds on a sound mat and making words plurals by adding -s, -es and ies.
In RE we created some wonderful artwork on the topic of Pentecost, some are in the RE area, if you want to have a look!
We have been amazed by the wonderful creations of little habitats made of natural materials. If you haven't brought one in yet, you can do so by Monday.  We would also appreciate it if you could drop in their homework books in slightly earlier in the week, so that we can mark them before sending them home again.  This week we have sent the common exception words for Year 1 for you to practice at home.
We would be grateful if you could remember to send in their reading record every day as we want to let you know what we are doing in guided reading and how they are getting on. 
I am going to be undertaking the 'Mighty Hike Challenge' for Macmillan at the end of the month.  So I shall be part of a group selling cakes to help raise our sponsor target on Monday afternoon.
There is an eco poster competition, closing date for entries is 18th June and there will be prizes for the  winners of each Year group.
Mrs Gannon
Week 11th-15th June 2018
This week in maths we have been ordering the events in a day, looking at dates on a calendar and measuring time. The children had a race to see who could complete an activity the fastest and we used the stopwatches on the ipads to time it and then we recorded and compared our data.  Today we compared different times on a stopwatch and answered some challenging reasoning questions comparing them. 
In literacy we have been writing about the butterfly life cycle.  We have also been observing the progress of our caterpillars and in our Forest Schools science session today, we took a good look at the caterpillars and described them and how they are changing.
In RE we talked about the reaction of the apostles when the Holy Spirit came and put our thoughts into speech bubbles.  We also sang 'Refiner's Fire' to link in with our Pentecost theme, the children sang beautifully!
We have really enjoyed getting back in the pool and we are becoming much more confident in the water.  The water was lovely and warm today and the sun was shining, a lovely day for a swim!
Week 18th-22nd June 2018
We have had an exciting week, writing information texts about caterpillars and how to look after them.
We've been measuring in maths and comparing cylinders of millilitres.
In RE we are learning about other faiths.  We learnt about the symbols of Judaism, comparing them to other religions.
We have been learning breast-stroke in our swimming lessons and...exciting news, our caterpillars have been transferred to the net in their Chrysalis Station!!
Thanks to Mrs Angus for helping to transfer them safely.
We are all really looking forward to community week next week.
Week 25th-29th June 2018
What an amazing week we have had!  The weather has been truly summery and we have been doing lots of fun activities for our international/community week.
We have been exploring our grounds for wildlife and getting involved in art acitvities.  We made Japanese Origami butterflies and moving wriggling caterpillars on a leaf and we helped Mrs Marsh create a border for our 'eco finders' wildlife spotting mural.
We have been creating flags for the world cup teams in readiness for sports day and we have been creating our own comic strips, a butterfly story. Some of our butterfiles are even travelling the world!
We have been visited by Dr Docherty, who taught us about healthy living and explained how parts of our body work.  She showed us an amazing piece of kit, which displayed the inside of your body on an ipad, it was fascinating! We then listened to our own and each other's heart-beat through a stethoscope.
Mrs Parkman came to help us make friendship bracelets and we loved it!  Our class were keen to make them for each other, showing how caring and kind they are.
Inbetween all of this excitement we have been cooling off in the pool and getting ready for the swimming gala on Monday.