Blog June 2017

7th June

This week Year 4 have got used to having a new teacher and have worked well in both Maths and Literacy. In maths they have continued the work they started before half term on using an axis. They have practised plotting on an axis, putting shapes onto an axis and then translating those shapes.

In literacy Year 4 have been creating comic books and have created some amazing pieces of work that not only show a good level of writing but some fantastic art and creative skills. These are an ongoing piece work and Year 4 has enjoyed creating them.

In R.E we have looked at the story of Mary and Martha and how things in life get in the way of us following the teachings of the bible and stop us spending time with Jesus through prayer. Year 4 came up with some very deep and thoughtful ideas of worries and distractions they have that maybe stop them engaging in prayer.

In topic we have continued to look at the ancient Greeks and have had some fantastic discussions around the Greeks. We will be looking for a time in the next few weeks where we will make our own Greek armour and I will let everyone know so we can get some card board boxes in!

In science we have looked at liquids, solids and gases and the different particles in each.

I n P.E we have been getting ready for sports day and are looking forward to starting our swimming next week!

Year 4 have worked really well this week and have had some great discussions around a range of topics.

23rd June

This week Year 4 have survived the heat through lots of outdoor learning under the trees. Year 4 carried out some more tests that will help their middle school know a bit more about them.

In maths we have looked at symmetry and completing symmetric figures. Year 4 did well at these, and were making their own figures for their partner to complete.

In literacy we have been writing creative stories and the pupils have come up with some amazing ideas and have been given free reign to write about whatever they like.

In R.E we talked more about prayer and how listening is a form of prayer, again we referred back to the story of Mary and Martha and we discussed how if we do not listen correctly we misinterpret the information.

As some of you will have seen we made Greek armour this week in our topic lessons and the pupils really impressed me with how well they did and how creative they were. I am not sure the school cleaners were that impressed.

We have continued with our swimming and are still making preparations for our swimming gala!

On Friday we had a P4C morning where we looked at pictures and the questions they provoked and then “A Child’s Garden”, a thought provoking story and I was blown away by year 4’s level of depth and their incredible discussions and questions that they raised.

Have a great weekend Year 4.

30th June

This week year 4 have looked at rounding numbers with decimals and finding the mean, mode and median during maths lessons. Year 4 have done really well and grasped these concepts brilliantly.


In literacy the pupils have continued and finished their stories that they have created independently and have been able to demonstrate all the skills they have picked up this year.


In P.E with Mr Kent away the pupils did some basketball practise but when this was rained off year 4 carried out some general fitness and even did some squats.


In topic we have started to look at the story of Herakles and his 12 labours and created our own Greek style drawings depicting one of his labours.


In R.E year 4 have looked at prayer some more and created a definition of words from the “our father” prayer that younger children may find difficult to understand.


In P4C we talked about starting at St Osmunds and took part in class in the send my friend to school campaign that is helping people all over the world go to school. We were very proud to send Olivia, Catherine, James and Oliver to speak to Oliver Letwin on Friday about this and ask for his help.


We have also carried on with our swimming practise in preparation for the swimming gala and played some volley ball in the pool.