Blog June 2016

30th June 
Year 4 are lucky enough to have a student from Switzerland with us for two weeks. Ledina prepared a PowerPoint to share with us.  Ledina showed us a map of Switzerland and talked about how people speak a number of languages in her country. We looked at photographs of the main Swiss cities. We learnt all about what is produced  in  Switzerland and how Swiss factories are busy making delicious chocolate! Ladina has prepared a game for year 4 that involves tasting some of this chocolate so we are looking forward to that! 

21st June 

Year 4 have been learning about British values and  democracy. We have been looking at how our system of democracy works and how fairness and justice are central to the running of our country in the rule of law. Mrs Gibson visits our class as a volunteer helper. She has been out for a couple of weeks on jury service. We had a question and answer session with Mrs Gibson on Monday. She told us there were twelve people in the jury and if anyone in the jury knew anyone on trial then they had to leave and couldn’t be on the jury panel. We learnt that a foreman in the jury gives the verdict of the jury and then the judge makes the decision on what the punishment will be for the person if they are found guilty. We discussed community service and whether we thought it was a good thing.

16th June

Year 4 went up to St Osmund’s Middle School on Thursday morning as part of our smooth transition work into year 5.Children were lucky enough to be taught by Mr Morgan who really had planned a brilliant morning of science investigations.  We tested out how many drops of water could drip onto a penny without it spilling. We added a variable and put washing up liquid onto the penny which changed our results completely.

We then went on to investigate what would happen if we added bicarbonate of soda to different liquids and observed if they would inflate balloons. There were some surprising outcomes. We used a measuring tape to compare circumferences of balloons. What a great morning! So much learning involved. Year 4 rated the lesson brilliant so thank you very much Mr Morgan. Children are really looking forward to middle school science in September!!
10th June 2016
Year 4 is really happy it’s swimming time again at St Marys! The pool was lovely and warm. We practised our gliding skills and different swimming strokes. All year 4 are very clear about how important safety rules are and are acting very sensibly.