Blog June 2016

24th June 2016
We have had a really busy week this week with lots going on. We had a Music Day on Wednesday where we listened to James and Oscar playing the drums, Peter playing the piano, Catherine playing the clarinet, Maddy playing the ukulele and Meadow Jessica, Harry H, Eddie, Sophie J and Isobel playing their brass instrument. We also had a group of recorder players - Olivia, Abbie, Rosie and Oliver choosing to play a piece of their choice. 
During the Music Day all children created a song with wooden rhythm sticks and a rap. They also listened to a music specialist playing the ukulele and helped him to create a song about the summer. As a class we listened to a piece of music from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" whilst painting an image of what we could see in our mind's eye.  
On Thursday we had our sports day where we tried really hard in all of our races and Mrs Bourne was very proud of how we supported one another. 
We have an Eco inspection today ( Friday) where the Eco Team   
 ( Barney, Senna, Lexi, Harry H will be showing the inspectors around the school building and grounds. We will keep you posted on the result of the inspection.  
17th June
We have enjoyed our swimming this week - learning how to swim a relay and how to improve our strokes. In Maths we have been making high and low value numbers using the same digits, but placing them in different positions.
In readiness for sports day we have been sprinting and have written letters to our buddies about rules of sports day and how to settle into our school quickly.
The thunderstorm was very exciting on Thursday but we all managed to still get our work down and keep our nerves settled!
10th June 2016
On Tuesday morning we went to St Osmund's Middle school to join in an athletic's festival with Manor Park and Charminster schools. We threw a javelin, jumped over hurdles, played football as well as getting involved in throwing and running activities.
On Wednesday we started our swimming lessons showing the teachers what we can do. This included swimming underwater and showing our different strokes.
In Science we learned some new words such as opaque and translucent, whilst learning about shadows.
On Thursday Mr Cheeseman brought in a range of objects in his "mysterious bag". He told us that this bag changes daily and he never knows what he will find inside. We used these objects to create a story with a focus on using different conjunctions.
We have also made crowns to wear for our school celebration of the Queen's birthday. This celebration involved a tea party and a few games.