Blog July 2017

5th July

This week Year 1 have been working very hard with their Numeracy. We have been using a variety of different apparatus materials to solve addition problems. We have been trying to crack the code to get the treasure out of the treasure chest, which has been very popular.


In Literacy we have been focusing on poetry. We have been looking at a poem and trying to find rhyming words to match with certain words. By the end we were very innovative with our ideas!


In PE we have continued our athletics, doing a variety of different activities. We have continued practicing for our swimming gala next Monday. We are very excited about showing our parents what we have been doing.


In Science we have been looking at the different seasons. We have been thinking about the type of weather which is typical for each season and what the temperatures are like during these seasons.


In Geography we have continued our study of Bangladesh and thought about how it is similar and different to where we live.

14th July
This week Year 1 have taken part in the Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala. We all competed in 3 races including a relay. We had lots of fun and all worked super hard with our swimming and gave 100%!
In our Literacy lessons this week we have been looking at some different poems. We really liked the Colour Poem by Christina Rosetti so are looking forward to writing our own version of this. It has been lots of fun thinking about things which are the different colours included in the poem.
In Maths we have been looking at coins. We made our own shop in groups! We had to label items to give them a price and then we worked in pairs to be the customer and shop keeper to purchase different items to get used to the different coins. This has been lots of fun!!
In our topic lessons we have concluded our Geography studies looking at Bangladesh and how it compares with where we live. We managed to find some interesting similarities and differences