Blog January 2019

January 2019
Welcome back after a fantastic Christmas break! Our new Topic this term is Bears with a focus on the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

This month we have been learning the story and creating pictures for our story map and actions to help us remember.

We have been finding out about bears and how they are different. We have also learnt the word habitat and we have investigated where a bear might live.

In Maths we have learnt how to add and take away writing our own number sentences and counting using the bears.

We have also had a teddy bear day where we could bring in own favourite teddies from home!

 This month we have had a problem to solve- a teddy bear needs a coat but can’t choose the right material for it to be made from. So we investigated… Other fun things we have been doing this week include having a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and making our own bears out of dough.

We have learnt how to make our own story maps and we have become great story tellers thinking of alternative settings for us to visit whilst searching for a bear.