Blog January 2018

Week 1st-5th January 2018
Happy New Year to everyone and thank you very much for all of the lovely cards, presents and kind words. I hope that 2018 is a happy and healthy one for all of you.
This week has been a short one in school but we have managed to achieve some great learning and have had a trip to see a show at Sunninghill school too! The children loved the visit and were very well behaved.
We are enjoying our new topic about explorers and thank you to those who have helped their child with the home learning over the holidays. The children are keen to learn more about these brave and ambitious adventurers.
Your child will benefit greatly this half term if they get your help at home learning their weekly spellings and if they practice the 2x, 10x and 5 x tables. Sometimes it is just a matter of going over and over the words/tables or finding fun ways of learning them. Please come and ask for help if  you need more ideas on how to support with this at home.   
Many thanks for your continued support 
Week 8th-12th January 2018
First week back and the children have enthusiastically talked about their home learning with the class, explaining their new lands and their chosen explorers. They have taken part in a drama lesson, role playing Christopher Columbus encountering strong storms and pirates on his adventures. This has led to an initial story plan based on their own imaginary adventure, leading onto writing the story next week.
In Maths we have been concentrating on multiplication - looking at the 2x, 5x and 10x within problem solving contexts. Some children have been working on numbers outside of the multiplication table whilst discussing patterns, problems and reasoning through them. Next week we are looking at division and discussing the link between the two operations. 
Science has been focused on survival of animals, with a talk from a member of staff who lives on a farm.The children made a survival kit for a chosen animal.
In RE we have been discussing Epiphany and have had an assembly on it. This leads onto our topic of Revelation over the next four weeks.
In PE the children have been learning gymnastic skills with indoor apparatus aiding the imagination aswell as the physical element.
 Another great week with a super class of children who are trying hard to be the best they can be.     
Week 12-19th January 2018
This week year 2  have been writing an explorer story using ideas raised in a drama lesson and the wonderful pictures drawn for the home learning.
Inspired by explorer James Cook the children have painted images prompted by aboriginal art work using natural colours and dots. The finished articles are displayed in the Yr 2 cloakroom area and are worth a look!  
In maths the focus has been on the relationship between multiplication and division; writing sentences that show the understanding of this.
In RE there was a lovely lesson this week where the children shared their talents. What a talented bunch we have, ranging from singers to chess players and sports people to cooks. This was linked to how Jesus had talents that He used in many different ways.
In Science the children have been looking at different classifications of animals and have written a "What am I?" which I am sure they will be eager to share with you.
Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to sharing our learning with you soon
Week 22nd-26th January 2018
Thank you to those of you who helped your child design a food chain for the home learning. This fed into the science lesson this week with Mrs Wood explaining the processes further.
The children have worked very hard to finish their adventure stories over the course of the week and have their maps displayed in the Yr 2 corridor. These maps detail where they imagined their adventurer to be exploring and some include details of previously undiscovered animals or plants.
In PE there has been lots of fun exploring apparatus inside and the children have been learning about pulls and pushes through movement. There was some interesting paired work with balances on points and patches. See if your child can explain that to you( or even demonstrate it!). 
We  have the book fair coming next Monday and the performance of Cinderella on  Wednesday so a good excuse for lots of storytelling and reading.
Thanks as ever for your continued support.