Blog January 2016

29th January

This week we have been looking at South Africa for our ‘Around the World’ topic. We used the internet to research the flag and the different animals that live there. We found it very interesting and learnt that there is a mountain called table mountain – which is called this because it is flat like a table.


Continuing with this topic we have also looked at a South African song within music. We have learnt the words and what they mean. We then added instruments to our singing and it sounded just like we were in South Africa. Then we used our voices in different ways adjusting pitch and volume


22nd  January

 During our new topic of ‘Around the World’ we had a special investigation.

 We were given a badge and had to be a detective. We were given 6 different clues and we had to work together to find out who somebody important for our topic was.

 We all found out that the person’s name was Thomas Hardy and we talked about what the different clues meant. For example we had a picture of Max Gate where Thomas Hardy lived.

 We are all looking forward to finding out more about Thomas Hardy next week and writing a poem like one of his.


15th January

Last week Year 1 started their new topic of ‘Around the World’.

We started with our ‘Sparkly Starter’ where we turned the classroom into an aeroplane. We looked at the different countries that we will be visiting over the next term. Miss Simmonds was our pilot who flew our plane to four different countries. The countries we will be visiting are the UK, Africa, Italy and America.

 During our ‘Sparkly Starter’ we got to design our own flying vehicle that we could travel on and we had a guess the counties that we would be looking at from the clues that Miss Simmonds gave us. We made our own passport ready to fly to the different countries.

Our role play has been turned into a travel agent for this term which looks very exciting and we can now all book lovely holidays to different destinations.