Blog February 2016

29th February

This week we have been continuing our new Science topic on Living Things and Their Habitats. Year 2 have been using the school grounds as an example of a local habitat, and looking at the type of animals that it might attract. We have also looked at ways in which we might make the conditions more favourable in order to attract further wildlife. We are also making links to our geography topic on weather and climate, and how these affect the plants and animals in a particular habitat. 

22nd February

This week, Year 2 have had fun using the percussion instruments in music. They have been exploring different instruments and finding out their names.

5th February 2016

This week, Year 2 added the finishing touches to a dance about the Seaside that they have been working on with Mr Sawyer, the Sports Coach. They have been developing their skills at mime and careful  listening to the music, as well as a lot of imagination!