Blog April 2017

5th April

We are really working hard to master our spellings in year 4. We are using dictionaries to check for accuracy. This week children went on a spelling hunt around the school grounds. They had to look at spellings on various whiteboards and decide whether the spellings were true or false. The hunt was great fun and we will do some more over the summer to make us master spellers. Have a go at home and make up a garden quiz of spelling!

26th April

We were lucky enough to be visited by Emma this week. She works for the RSPB. Emma talked about how important it is to ensure we have habitats for a range of creatures in our school grounds. We looked at a number of habitats on Emma’s presentation .We then used orienteering maps of our school to locate various habitats in the grounds. We then put stickers on habitats we located which gave us a score for our school.

Children totalled up scores and fed back to Emma. She visits many schools and said a school total on habitats over 100 is good. Ollie was very proud to total over 300 points for our eco school and its range of habitats that encourage biodiversity in our local environment.