Blog April 2016

22nd April
This week we have planned a Science experiment where we are testing what a plant needs to survive - these will be placed on our classroom windowsill ( apart from the one in the cupboard!) . In RE we created a piece of music to tell the Easter story and in Maths we solved some number problems. We are enjoying the sunny weather and some of us have started to read books outside during playtime.
15th April 

Year three have come back to school with a very good attitude to their learning. We have had some wonderful home learning based on World War Two including heroic medals, hand crafted tanks and informative pieces of written work.

On Wednesday morning we visited the local community orchard and many children recognised the onions, herbs and fruit trees growing there. The rhubarb rather baffled the class although a few said that their grandparents had it growing in their garden! The frogs in the pond seemed to take centre stage and the weather was very kind to us.

Well done to the parents that have helped their children learn to tell the time and we are steadily getting through the multiplication tables.

I think we are all looking forward to a great summer term.     

9th April 2016
This week Year 3 have set up a controlled experiment to test against their prediction of what is required to keep a plant healthy. They have 6 plants placed in different conditions with one control. They will be closely observing the plants over the half term and recording what they see.
In PE the tennis rackets have been out and the children are honing their ball skills with the help of Mr Kent and the sunshine.
All children were involved in the first stages of creating their own short animation based on a simple storyboard that they drew up.  This caused lots of excitement in the classroom and I am sure they would love to talk about it with you. 
We are all looking  forward to our school trip to Nothe Fort on Wednesday and if you have any questions concerning outfits then please see one of the yr 3 team.
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend