Being part of our Community

Our most recent visit to Culliford House Residential Home. Delivering beautiful Valentine's messages and cards from our Year 4 pupils for all the residents, based on our Gospel Values.
A big thank you to Waitrose for some lovely Easter treats for the children & staff at St Mary's
St Mary's Catholic First School & Culliford House Residential Home
We have a strong relationship with the residents of Culliford House Residential Home in Dorchester.
Children from St Mary's School have sung to the residents on various occasions including when they dressed up in their Nativity costumes and sang them songs from their play along with Christmas songs. The residents love this and so did the children.
We also have a Community group after school club whose members regularly visit the residents to talk with them and to sing with them as well.
During Covid restrictions, the children sent the residents Christmas pictures to put up in their windows and on their walls to make them smile. In return the lovely residents sent the pupils at St Mary's hand coloured in cards and some wise words to pass onto them.
In January 2021 during lockdown, the children drew some amazing pictures on the theme of 'happiness' to send to the residents. 
St Mary's pupil's Christmas pictures at Culliford House
Delivering pictures of 'Happiness' from the pupils of St Mary's School to Culliford House
Some of our pupils amazing pictures of 'Happiness'
St Mary's Catholic First School enjoy engaging with and getting to know members of our Community