May 2023

Week 15th-19th May 2023
In RE this week we practiced passing messages around the class and were extremely good at hearing it and passing it on!
We had the most amazing session this week learning about Fire Safety. It was such a fun lesson and we learned how we keep ourselves safe and what to do in an emergency.
Week 8th-12th May 
This week we have been using the composing tool on 'Charanga' to add patterns of notes to complement the main theme of the song 'Friendship' we have been learning.
In ICT we have been creating our own compositions around the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' using a variety of different instruments. We have been also using headphones!
In RE we have been enjoying creating artwork using pastels around the theme of Pentecost and the symbol of the dove.
Week 1st-5th May
We had a great music lesson playing our glockenspiels to the 'Friendship' song we have been learning this half term. We have picked up the accompaniment really confidently and are really good at keeping in time with the music.
We finished the week with a fantastic Coronation celebration. We made crowns and Coronation themed activities, and had a fantastic lunch together.
We had a great day!